Loadhog Ltd


Loadhog is a multi-award winning UK manufacturing company where genuine innovation lies at the heart of everything we do.

From the original Loadhog Lid, through to the innovative Smartstak system, innovation is the undivided theme running throughout our approach to returnable transit packaging.


At Loadhog we pride ourselves in understanding a customers problem, developing the best possible solution, being first to market and working with our customer to roll the product out and realise the benefits.


Our mission is to solve everyday problems within logistics and supply chain operations – eliminate packaging waste, reduce transport requirements, increase vehicle fill, enhance load security, improve efficiency and generally make life easier for those using our range of reusable packaging products.


We are based at The Hog Works; our head office situated in Sheffield. The 120,000 sq. ft renovated gun factory houses all of our manufacturing, design and development resources, including a suite of Engel injection moulding machines, our state of the art MART wash plant, and our dedicated ideas and Innovation centre.


As part of the Gripple Group, we have pedigree in innovation, customer-centric products and world class design and manufacture. We also believe that an important contribution to our identity and success is driven by our status as a 100% employee owned business

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