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A Deadlock is a mechanical device fitted to a vehicle door. It operates by throwing a bolt into a receiver fitted to the opposing body section when operated by an external key.

As Deadlocks are under the control of the driver, they are generally only appropriate for owner drivers or applications where the driver can be relied upon to operate the lock.

L4V kits are vehicle door specific and contain all the required fixings, fittings and instructions to enable a technician to perform a cost effective installation. All L4V cylinders, housings and plugs are plated in highly durable satin nickel to maintain a consistent and long lasting appearance. External trims are available as either UV stabilised black Nylon, or satin nickel-plated brass to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle. Both versions are suitable for fitment to vehicle bodywork without causing damage to paintwork. Note Black external trims supplied as standard.

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A slamlock is a device that automatically locks the vehicle door immediately it is shut, without requiring any operation by the driver.

It is primarily designed for applications such as multi drop delivery, high value loads and applications where the owner/ operator requires control over the security of their goods. It is the function that appeals as much as the security.

Another major advantage with mechanical slamlocks is total control. Electronic systems often have either global (all doors) or area (load or cab) unlocking- this leaves the unrequired doors vulnerable until the auto relock action operates. Slamlocks do not have this vulnerability.

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Professional Covert Security

Ideal for covert security use or other applications that require a concealed installation.

  • Ideal for covert use
  • Stand alone bolts
  • Universal kits
  • Vehicle Door Specific Kits
  • 12 / 24 volt versions

Control options include:

  • External T Series key switch
  • Alarm system central locking control
  • Interface with O.E. central locking systems
  • Optional security override in event of electrical or other problems

Locks 4 Vans Are The Sole UK Importers Of The Diablock Electromagnetic Bolt



Protect - Repair - Profit with DEFENDER -
Professional Lock Protection

  • Thatcham accredited as a security product
  • Easy fit in under 15 minutes
  • Compact protection
  • Prevents screwdriver attack
  • Optional blanking disk for damaged O.E. cylinders
  • Can be colour coded to vehicle
  • Thatcham accredited as a repair module
  • Low cost repair module
  • High security stainless steel plate
  • High grip stainless multi-grip rivets
  • Specially formulated automotive adhesive

Defender protects against attempts to attack using a screwdriver or other implement.

Defender is the Thatcham accredited alternative!


Cable Guard

Cable Guard, designed to shield the rear O/S door loom from attack by thieves.

Thieves have discovered that if certain wires in the rear door loom are shorted, usually whilst cutting, that this actually unlocks the doors giving immediate access into the vehicle. This means not only have you lost the vehicle contents, but you cannot lock any doors until the loom is replaced. Consequently demand for replacement looms from Ford has led to lengthy back order-times, - up to three weeks.

Ford have now recalled all new Transits and are making a modification that stops the doors unlocking when the door loom is ‘shorted’, however, thieves have no way of knowing this and cut the wires regardless hoping to unlock the vehicle. We now have a situation where thieves don’t gain access; however you also are prevented. Getting into the rear of a Transit, especially if there is a bulkhead fitted, is not easy and usually means cutting off the rear door hinges. The Cable Guard prevents the wires from being cut. Fitting this low-tech but highly effective security device is extremely cost-effective – or perhaps you would prefer to take the chance?

Cable Guard


Originally designed by Yale, the ‘M69’ is well-known within the security industry, where it is used to provide additional protection for motor vehicle doors. There are five lengths of lock cylinder to suit different door thicknesses, fitting into LH and RH standard cases. This lock was once fitted as original equipment to Rolls Royces.

  • Operating bolt throws into striker in door post, and is held positively by action of lock cylinder.
  • Key is turned through 360° to throw and withdraw deadbolt. Keys can be withdrawn in either mode. Bolt withdraws fully flush into case.
  • With components separated, case is sunk into door-edge, mortice fashion. Cylinder is inserted through aperture cut in door panel and is engaged into top face of case. It is then screwed fully into position using two holes in lock face. Finally, set-screw on flange is tightened, and pegs may be driven into face to seal fixing holes. Striker is fitted to door-post, and a trimescutcheon is provided.
  • Brass pin-tumbler lock with up to 1000 combinations. Unshuttered. Brass keys, nickel plated in ‘SX’ series
  • Chromium-plated throughout.
  • Lock and cylinder are brass, case is zinc diecast with steel cover plate and brass extruded bolt. Steel striker and escutcheon.
  • Standard key cylinder
  • Available as pairs/sets

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