Double D installations are a Nationwide Bi Folding Door specialists company, which have carefully selected well known Bi Folding Sliding Doors as seen at many designer shows and exhibitions across the United Kingdom with five sliding & folding doors on our display.

DDI have installed Easy sliding operational Bi Fold Door systems into thousands of domestic and commercial premises in the UK since the year 2000 creating a great finishing touch to many properties.

With the extreme quality of our systems and being installed internally and externally using our own precise guidelines combined with quality checks by our managers makes our selection of doors amongst the best bi folding doors on the market!

We provide high spec doors that gives an extra strong feel and provides minimum maintenance to your property. The easy sliding strong mechanisms and structure can be demonstrated at a showroom near you with five aluminium folding doors on our display.

please check out our aluminium folding doors at showroom for a key feature on some great products.

Aluminium & Timber Clad Bi Folding Doors

The top of the range GERMAN SF80 aluminium & timber clad bi folding doors can offer the best of both worlds with its solid timber to the inside (65mm), to match the look of your room and aluminium cladding to the exterior (15mm), to match the remainder of your windows.

Enjoy the benefits of the clean low-maintenance aluminium and the natural beauty and superior thermal qualities of wood for bi folding doors.

  • Suitable for Domestic and Commercial use
  • Energy efficient - compliant with Building Regulations Doc. L
  • Excellent thermal properties
  • Severe weather rated – tested and certified
  • Discreet finger safe gaskets
  • Meets Association of British Insurers requirements
  • Virtually maintenance free

The SF80 is manufactured from triple laminated solid timber sections to the inside. These sections have been stabilised at stress points and bonded back together with opposing grains, which creates added strength whilst preventing warping and twisting. The aluminium external clad has a WS (softline/rounded) edge profile to compliment conventional aluminium or UPVC windows.

Aluminium & Timber Clad Bi Folding Doors

Aluminium Slimline Folding Doors

The german Sf 55 has every thing built into this system which just glides so smoothly into any structural opening and can be produced wider than most bi fold systems due to their strong mechanisms.

Guides and Runners just glide with ease with the help of strong nylon running gears against the aluminium bi fold track. Also this product have a unique finger safety feature, making them among the safest doors on the market. Again we would be happy to explain the advantages of this great product by demonstration.

As we know the weather in the UK can be so unforgiving but with this bi folding door and our extremely high spec glass there is no need to worry as this designed system, with severe weather rating, will hold up in all weather conditions.

This system will not only protect you against the weather but provide extra security for your home multipoint locking shoot bolt system and the Engineering of this German manufactured product has become well known in the aluminium concertina folding door world.

Aluminium Slimline Folding Doors

Sliding Glass Doors

DDI are associated with well known surveyors who use precise laser measurements for accurate installation of your open free walking flush track making all your infinity flooring one flat and flush level. DDI's fitting guideline is quality checked for free peace of mind at the end of install and we also give an insurance backed guarantee and provide a maintenance demo on completion.

Glass is important when it comes down to bi folding doors so we use the highest quality glazing products on the market. All our glass as standard has 4mm low-e toughened glass either side all in with a warm edge spacer and low-e glass as standard. We use a warm edge spacerbar which is installed between the most thermal polyamide cavity keeping the hot and cold weather well balanced all year round through seasonal weather conditions. This professional system will provide a great u- value in to your new property. All our professional high spec glass advice is unique for all double glazing products we install and supply because our aim is to give you that extra light in your living area and provide enough ventilation to air out your home the best possible way.

Sliding Glass Doors

Aluminium Matching Windows

  • Aluminium has a long useful lifespan
  • It is not damaged by UV rays or moisture, and does not rust, rot or bend
  • Aluminium is maintenance-friendly
  • Due to its smooth, shiny finish, it does not attract dust and sand
  • Aluminium is safe and non-flammable
  • Due to its strength it is resistant to breakage
  • Aluminium is environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible
  • Fully recyclable, and the recycling uses up less energy
  • Aluminium is a light material, making it easy to apply
  • Aluminium has an outstanding price/quality ratio
  • Aluminium guarantees optimal air, water-and windtightness
  • Aluminium has an outstanding thermal insulation factor
  • An aluminium window insulates against both cold and heat, and meets all legal requirements with regard to energy efficiency
  • Aluminium offers optimal acoustic insulation
  • Aluminium profiles are able to integrate without difficulty wide glass thicknesses, which are important in order to protect against noise nuisance
  • Aluminium is available in a rich variety of colours
  • Aluminium is suitable for a wide range of styles

DDI specialise is Aluminium Matching Windows and Aluminium Bi Folding Doors

Aluminium Matching Windows

UK Systems and German Aluminium Doors

  • All windows & doors are top end of the market and are seen at many exhibitions across the UK (Whole range on showroom display)
  • Great after sales service, deal directly with the installers or our operators. (Unique after sales service - installer's mobile phone number will be provided).
  • Widest range of the highest quality bi fold doors available on the market (Many options of profiles and thresholds on showroom display).
  • Five aluminium sliding and folding doors on our display, aluminium patio doors, windows, integrated blinds, solar reflective glass and much more.
  • 5 per cent of your quotation if you take up our free key feature demonstration at showroom - by appointment only.
UK Systems and German Aluminium Doors

Concertina Doors

The Easifold 3000 series is designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, and is certified to conform to every current building regulation.

Our aluminium folding sliding doors are made to measure to suit your aperture of your property. Specified with a low threshold can be used internally, for instance between your house and conservatory.

Suitable for domestic and commercial installations, the Easifold 3000 system can provide high security - to put your mind at ease, wider openings, and a wide range of colours and finishes.

Secure - because the locking system and hinges are state-of-the-art, safe, reliable, and long lasting.

Concertina Doors

Blinds for Aluminium Bi Fold Doors

Venetian integrated blinds and Integral blinds are designed for use in double glazed units and are manufactured using high specification production standards are the most sophisticated option made possible to customers in our industry. The slates raising,lowering and tilting function is worked on a rotational magnetic transmission through the glass in between the units spacer bar and the seal making life easier for house cleaning.

The external magnet is connected to the internal glass providing a smooth operation by a simply technique of pulling the cord up and down with slight pulls to shut and open up your view. This easy operation is used using a continuous cord loop that drives the external magnet to open and shut the blinds in between our high spec glass.

Integrated blinds and many other glass options such as self cleaning glass and solar reflective glass can be viewed at our showroom which is open Saturday and Sundays. Do not hesitate to contact us for appointments for our Aluminium Bi Fold door demonstration on the key features of our door structure and design.

Our unique aluminium sliding bi folding doors quotation service will provide you with a quote within 24 hours. At prices which are value for money contact us today for your free quotation or click link for showroom demonstration

Blinds for Aluminium Bi Fold Doors

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