Lodematic Ltd

Today’s Lodematic is internationally recognised as a dedicated provider of bespoke product handling solutions, the latest chapter in a history of engineering innovation and excellence that dates back over 200 years.

Imagination, versatility and the ability to respond to industry’s ever-changing needs are together what makes our family owned company a unique success story. At the start of the new millennium Lodematic’s continuing specialisation confirms our company as a genuine one-stop shop for just about every product handling requirements.

Sustained, continuous investment into staff and systems provides us with both an extensive in-house design expertise as well as a highly flexible manufacturing capability. In addition the latest CAD/CAM systems enable Lodematic to offer its customers a truly bespoke opportunity both to concieve and develop new product handling solutions - a service that is focused precisely on tailoring our products to answer the many and varied requirements that today’s manufacturing and processing industries demand.

Lodematic Ltd Overview