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Logic SHE Solutions is one of the most experienced CDM Coordinator businesses within the construction market, independently giving the client quality advice across the complete construction process, from design through to build and maintenance and then ultimately demolition.

All of our consultants are members of at least two of the following institutes, CIOB, IOSH, APS, ICS and CiSi. In line with the CDM Regulations we have developed core skills that will support the client and assist with the design and construction process, achieving their goals.

Construction site audits

By providing independent information through workplace inspections, Logic’s consultants can provide the basis for effective health and safety practice and risk management. Safety audits are measured against legal compliance, company standards and best practice to assist Clients in identifying both where they sit in the market place as well as indicating clear target areas for those companies seeking further improvement.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessment is the fundamental building block of any safety management strategy. Whilst it is generally considered poor practice to use third parties to undertake risk assessment, Logic are in a prime position to provide the necessary guidance support and training to allow clients to meet their legal obligations in this area. It is also sometimes the case where clients find themselves undertaking tasks or activities with which they are not fully familiar or comfortable or indeed require specialist input. In these circumstances Logic are able to provide the additional support, experience or resources that may be necessary.

Policy and procedures preperation

Logic SHE Solutions can prepare your company’s environmental health and safety policy or review and update your existing policy to ensure that it relates specifically to your business.

Where necessary, a Client specific ‘code of practice’ or operational procedures can then be developed in order that all statutory and operational objectives can be achieved.

The Logic team have produced award-winning documents that have been recognised by industry as contributing towards ‘best practice’.

Accident Investigation

Inadequately completed accident investigations can leave your business exposed to costly litigation. Logic consultants can respond immediately and sensitively to such an event and will conduct a thorough independent investigation to enable preventative action to be taken which can limit further loss.

Accidents and ill health at work can cost money and ruin lives. Good health and safety is good business – and it is the law.

Asbestos Management

Logic SHE Consulting is a leading provider of asbestos management services. We act as consultants to a wide range of public and private sector organisations and specialist industries including construction, civil engineering, utilities, manufacturing, public services, the care sector and leisure services.

Asbestos Surveys

If you occupy a building for the purpose of just using it as an office then this is the survey for you. Management surveys will look at building materials that occupiers are likely to come into contact with. A good management survey will also take into account light maintenance tasks that will need to be undertaken. A management survey will also list where asbestos is present and assign priority assessments so that materials can be prioritised. The findings from this survey will go into a long term management strategy.

Database Management

We have developed this database after many years of seeing supposed market leaders fail in every single aspect of creating a straight forward, manageable approach to asbestos database management. The key driving force in building this system is out of industry necessity and not profit related. This system has been created so that is simple enough for everyone to use, whilst also providing the necessary information required by professionals.

Building Management

The purpose of asbestos management is to prevent the exposure to airborne asbestos now and for the duration of the time asbestos containing materials (ACMs) are present on your premises.

To do this you must identify the person within your organisation that will be responsible for that management. The designated dutyholder must put in place a written asbestos management plan which will include an asbestos register. This register should include the location and conditions of the ACMs.

We can provide you with a tailor made management plan for your premises or organisation this can also include a fully controlled online E-Management system with various levels of access for security purposes.
We also offer a full sample inspection regime whereby we track the asbestos in our clients properties and monitor the condition of these materials and provide regular reports.

All of our asbestos management consultants hold the BOHS P405 qualification

Asbestos Maintenance

We undertake the maintenance & repair of asbestos containing materials up to the point where a licensed contractor is required. Many organisations struggle with asbestos costs and pay licensed contractors a lot of money to undertake work that often does not require a licensed contractor to be employed.

To avoid a conflict of interest we have made a deliberate decision to not hold a license, but work instead to provide a maintenance service that can include tasks such as

  • Removing some non licensed asbestos products
  • Small Environmental clean tasks up to the point a licensed contractor would be required
  • Touching up asbestos encapsulations that deteriorate over time such as painting & bonding
  • Boxing in of asbestos products.

We hold an EA waste carriers license and can collect & dispose of double bagged asbestos materials.

When maintenance works are above and beyond the legal parameters of what we are allowed to undertake we will always inform the client and manage the licensed removal works if required.

Removal Management

We provide independent asbestos project management to ensure asbestos removal/remediation works are correctly specified, priced, planned, completed and reported.

We will ensure the contractor complies with the completion of their method statement and current legislation.

Using Logic to manage your asbestos related works, avoids unneccesary worry,and ensures that you avoid liability and stress relating to the project.

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