Lohmann Adhesive Tape Systems

Lohmann Technologies Ltd is the UK subsidiary of Lohmann Adhesive Tapes GmbH, an international technical adhesive tape manufacturer and provider of solutions to manufacturers. Formed 25 years ago, the UK company provides tape solutions for a wide range of applications in market sectors; Building and Renewable Energy, Consumer Goods & Electronics, Transportation Medical, Graphics. Offering bespoke solutions to customers designed to be incorporated into semi or fully automated assembly lines, Lohmann’s tape solutions offer efficiency, speed and safety as well as amazing design freedom.

Lohmann Technologies Ltd are “The Bonding Engineers”.

  1. Adhesives


    Trendsetters in the Adhesives industry can always rely on Lohmann as the ideal partner: we provide innovative adhesive bonds that are utterly reliable and offer the freedom needed to indulge those creative urges.

    Our adhesive tapes also bring the highest levels of efficiency to your production process. Reliable, innovative, economical - Lohmann is simply the intelligent alternative to conventional fixing systems.

  2. Adhesive Tape

    Adhesive Tape

    Lohmann produces high-tech bonding technology: double-sided adhesive tapes, transfer films and reactive adhesive tape systems.

  3. Antistatic Tape

    Antistatic Tape

    Lohmann UK produces high -tech bonding Antistatic Tape.

    Antistatic utility tapes with a clear, one mil polyester film backing for use in static-sensitive areas. Tape 40PR is preprinted with static symbol.

  4. Aqueous Systems

    Aqueous Systems

    Lohmann Technologies UK are manufacturers and supplies of Aqueous Systems 

  5. Automotive Industry Tape

    Automotive Industry Tape

    Lohmann adhesives manufacture and supplies Industrial Automotive Tape

  6. Bespoke Tape

    Bespoke Tape

    When it comes to joining components securely and efficiently, technical adhesive tapes are today's preferred choice.

    Lohmann is an international pioneer of this technology and produces individual adhesive tape solutions to meet the diverse requirements of many sector.

  7. Bonding Engineers

    Bonding Engineers

    The Bonding Engineers.

    The specialists for your customised adhesive bond.


    Simply selling the best products is not enough: we are always extremely mindful of our customers' specific requirements for each and every adhesive bond. From developing a suitable adhesive through to efficient incorporation of the end product in your production process – the "Bonding Engineers" from Lohmann live up to their name.

  8. Bonding Tape

    Bonding Tape

    Adhesive Bonding that meets the precise needs of your application. Smart Bonding approach, from the initial idea through to integration. 

  9. Bracing Tape

    Bracing Tape

    The adhesive experts from the Lohmann Tape Group cover the entire value chain and enable customer-focused solutions. Founded in 1851, Lohmann is one of the pioneering forces in adhesive tape technology and is now active on a global scale.

  10. Cirlex Polyimide Sheet

    Cirlex Polyimide Sheet

    CIRLEX® is offered in thicknesses from 0.015mm (0.006”) to 4.0mm (0.157”). Thicker constructions are possible. CIRLEX® can be modified by laser cutting, drilling, machining, stamping, shearing and chemical etching to very exact tolerances.



    • PCB stencils
    • Loudspeaker components
    • Metal clad, thick polyimide materials
    • Slot insulation
    • High-density electronic connectors
    • High-temperature mechanical seals


    CIRLEX® is available in standard sheet. Stock sizes are nominal 597mm x 597mm or 298mm x 298mm. Katco will also provide sheet cut to customers' preferred dimensions.