Lohmann Adhesive Tape Systems

Lohmann Technologies Ltd is the UK subsidiary of Lohmann Adhesive Tapes GmbH, an international technical adhesive tape manufacturer and provider of solutions to manufacturers. Formed 25 years ago, the UK company provides tape solutions for a wide range of applications in market sectors; Building and Renewable Energy, Consumer Goods & Electronics, Transportation Medical, Graphics. Offering bespoke solutions to customers designed to be incorporated into semi or fully automated assembly lines, Lohmann’s tape solutions offer efficiency, speed and safety as well as amazing design freedom.

Lohmann Technologies Ltd are “The Bonding Engineers”.

Consumer Goods Tapes

Lohmann are specialists in fastening techniques and consumer goods tapes. We offer double-sided adhesive tapes with multiple uses and offer flat, light-weight, designer-friendly bonding.

  • Electronic components: our thermal conductive tapes have outstanding properties including vibration dampening and gap filling.
  • DuploCOLL®-Spacer films: used in the membrane switch industry, these are perfect for the alignment of acrylic adhesive.
  • White goods: pressure sensitive consumer goods tapes are used in the white goods industry.
Consumer Goods Tapes

Building Industry Bonding

As building industry bonding engineers, Lohmann adhesive tapes meet the bonding requirements in areas including: roofs and facades, electrics, interior design and heating. Specific building industry bonding applications include:

  • Window and door construction: DuploCOLL 918 products are ideal for bonding insulation glass in windows.
  • Loft conversion: Lohmann can offer a comprehensive, proven adhesive tape system for vapour barrier films.
  • Photovoltaic: we offer tape products for use with solar modules and thermal collectors.
Building Industry Bonding

Plate Mounting Tapes

Lohmann offers plate mounting tapes with precise impression setting, residue demounting and bubble free mounting.

Every print job is different and there are a range of factors which can determine the final print result. Choosing the right product for printing plate mounting is one of these factors.

DuploFLEX® is able to solve the task of flexible print plate mounting for flexible packaging printing including label printing or high quality post print. We offer a plate mounting tape or a compressible base in post print.

Plate Mounting Tapes

Mobile Communication Tapes

We are a leading global supplier of adhesive mobile communication tapes suitable for mobile communication products. Lohmann provide a huge number of mobile communication tapes that are pressure sensitive and can be used for:

  • PDAs (pagers)
  • Mobile phones
  • LCDs (touch screens)
  • Printers and scanners
  • Sensors
  • Laptops, computers and storage media
Mobile Communication Tapes

Slitting Adhesive Tape

We are recognised worldwide for our high standard of slit rewinding at our UK branch. Slitting adhesive tape is a difficult task and can be done at Lohmann UK either adhesive side up or down.

Any problems slitting adhesive tape have been largely reduced or eradicated due to our experience in the area.

Slitting Adhesive Tape

Lohmann Adhesive Tape Systems Overview