Lohmann GmbH & Co. KG


The company Lohmann was founded in 1851 and is considered as one of the pioneers in the tape technology. Today the company is one of the leading suppliers of innovative adhesive solutions. As a joining technology, high-tech bonding has replaced conventional solutions such as riveting, welding and screws in many places.

Lohmann adhesive engineers

The benefits of Lohmann adhesive engineers are diverse: starting from the global specification work followed by individual product development to innovative adhesive design. The products are used worldwide in various industrial areas. The core markets are: transportation, consumer goods, electronics, medical, graphics, hygiene, building and renewable energies.

Technical Adhesive Tapes

Due to the mechanical integration of the adhesive solution into the production process on site, Lohmann’s "bonding engineers" ensure a complete value chain. The tape group’s headquarter is in Neuwied in Germany. Over 1,500 employees work at the most advanced coating systems in Europe, Asia, and America.

Self-adhesive Stamped Parts

Our products:
• technical adhesive tapes
• stamped parts, self-adhesive
• special labels
• medical adhesive tapes
• label adhesives
• adhesive aluminium tapes
• industrial adhesive tapes
• adhesives for silk screen printing
• vapour barrier

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