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The beauty of natural granite lies not just in its dark speckles and swirling bands of cream. It is the solidity, intrinsic heft and weight of the rock that makes granite such an attractive addition to any workspace or domestic environment. Granite does not chisel easily when using heavy tools and machinery, nor does it overpower the stately lines of a cleanly designed kitchen, or hinder the parabolic dip of an inset sink. Granite is functional; and this functionality possesses grace.

Our granite is priced without inflation or confusing pricing structures. Our extensive supply allows customers to browse a variety of colours and thicknesses of granite, while mentally enabling them to assemble their ideal design without worrying about cost. As building professionals will testify, being able to compare and contrast different types of granite without being hindered by economic constraints will produce the best looking, and best designed, work spaces. 

Standard Edges

The post popular type of worktop or countertop edgings are those made from laminate material in the factory and come with both the front edge and the backsplash all in one piece with the worktop. In other words there are no joined worktop and backsplash edge seams. The reason for the all in one made laminate worktop and edging is the ease of cleaning plus the rounded edging is very appealing to the eye. Some edgings on kitchen worktops that are not made and folded but joind at the edge actually peel off if poorly joined. An added plus to the rounded edgings made from one piece of worktop laminate is its imitation of granite.

Granite worktops are usually more expensive than laminate although granite and some more expensive laminates may be the same in price. A granite edging can have the rugged look of stone cut in the quarry which the one piece with the worktop laminate worktop seeks to imitate. Since concern for worktops is in appearance and comfort to the body as it works up close to the worktop, there are edgings that feel more comfortable than other edgings or have a more polished appearance.

Finding the type of edging that suits your budget as well as your tastes and personal comfort if you are a person who spends a lot of time in the kitchen sometimes means shopping around and visiting a few showrooms at local kitchen distributors or carpenters. Worktop edgings are like the hemlines of countertops or of worktops. Depending on the size of your worktop, the edging can flow as a seamless finish to your worktop or can be deliberately enhanced to add distinctive features to your overall kitchen design just like a hemline. So, whether your worktop material is from one of the hundreds of patterns and colors or from the exotic corian or one of the fashionable granites, its edging is the added touch of style and elegance to your kitchen design.

A worktop edging that feels comfortable when pressed upon while working on it is, of course, preferable to one that feels uncomfortable and can actually leave an indentation on your arms. But, like in hems, it is nice to know that you have many different edges to choose from and should make a point to discuss your options with your kitchen installer.

Standard Edges

Natural Stone Fireplaces

Homes with a fireplace often feel more welcoming and cosy, especially in the winter. But for homeowners looking to add a quality fireplace that gives the feeling of luxury, natural stone fireplaces are their best choice. They feature beautiful natural stone that can either give a rustic or refined look to the room. They are also durable, solid, and hold up to decades of use without damage. The look of natural stone fireplace is timeless and fit equally well into a modern design as it can fit into a traditional one.

For a more inexpensive and rustic look for your fireplace, choose roughly hewn or unfinished stone. Granite is a popular choice for this style, although flagstone can also be found cut this way. While roughly hewn stone is usually cut in a general square or rectangular shape, rubble stone comes in a variety of shapes and can be patchworked together when building fireplaces. This makes a beautiful and interesting visual pattern, and different stones can be combined easily in this style.

River stone is another more affordable stone for fireplaces. The smoothed edges and rounded shapes of river stone lend a cozy and fluid feel to the design of the fireplace. They come in a variety of sizes and colours, as well as materials. Usually river stone fireplaces use a combination of different colours and stone types in one design, but it's possible to get a fireplace built from only matching stones.

If you're looking for a more refined and traditional design, choose a carved stone fireplace. These can be found in colonial or Victorian styles, and are most commonly carved from limestone or travertine. Marble is also available, and definitely adds a high class touch to any room. Carved natural stone fireplaces are preferred over carved wood or metal fireplaces due to the durability of the fireplace. Especially if you plan to burn fires regularly or will use your fireplace for heating, investing in a high quality stone fireplace is recommended.

Whether you prefer a rustic lodge style mortar stone fireplace, or a high end carved marble fireplace, natural stone makes the best fireplace material. Stone can hold up to decades of high heat without warping, and adds an elegant touch to any home. A natural stone fireplace is durable, beautiful, and can be affordable for almost any budget. 

Natural Stone Fireplaces

Marble Floor Tiles Offer Elegance and Timeless Beauty

Marble floor tiles aren't just for use in museums and art galleries. Marble flooring is an affordable option for home use that represent a very wise investment for a number of reasons.

As a natural stone, marble floor tiles offer an environmentally conscious flooring choice that appeals to homeowners who want to employ as many green features in their home decorating as possible. For sheer beauty and elegance, no other flooring application comes close to marble floor tiles.

Marble floor tiles are also an extremely sanitary flooring surface once properly sealed because marble is resistant to moisture, bacteria and other allergens. Many homes with pet occupants love the fact that pets can't scratch marble floor tiles and pet hair and dander are more easily cleaned up than from carpeted surfaces. This can prove extemely important if any occupants of the home suffer from allergies, asthma or other breathing disorders.

Maintenance for marble floor tiles is relatively easy if done on a daily and regular basis. A simple sweep with a soft bristled broom or vacuum at least every other day to remove dust and surface dirt will keep the surface of marble floor tiles beautiful and very shiny. Spills should be mopped up with a damp cloth or rag as soon as possible and floor mats at the front and back door will prevent dirt and grime from being tracked from outside and onto the marble surface of the floor.

To keep marble floor tiles looking and performing as good as new, it's important to perform regular polishing and sealing maintenance. Depending upon the foot traffic the floor receives, polishing and sealing should be done at least once a year. These procedures will prevent the tiles from attracting dirt and bacteria and will make it easy to perform daily sweeping or vacuuming chores.

Another wonderful benefit of choosing marble floor tiles is versatility. Although marble is most popularly used in dining rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, any room in a home where marble flooring is installed immediately looks richer and more elegant.

An investment made in marble floor tiles guarantees a flooring surface that is among the most durable, beautiful and long lasting available in the marketplace today.

Marble Floor Tiles Offer Elegance and Timeless Beauty

Custom Mosaics

Custom mosaics are available as custom order. The subject matter and colours are always up to our clients. Starting with the client’s vision, we will start the designing process. There is nothing too extraordinaire or colourful for our artist to interpret. After a preliminary briefing with the client to establish the context for the project, possible design references and the budget, we are ready for drawings. Once approved, the project goes into production. All of our custom mosaics are hand made and almost any colouring is possible. When complete, we shall schedule an installation.

Custom Mosaics

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