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Welcome to London Party Events, based in Epsom, and we cover the home counties, and if asked the whole of the UK, so we are your local party hire equipment company, we hire out Candy Floss, Pop Corn, Chocolate Fountains, Pick And Mix and Slush Puppy machines for weddings, birthday parties, events, festivals and charity events.

We can supply your wedding, birthday party not just with our equipment, if you wish to have something else, that little something special, we will try to find what ever you need to make your day a special day.


Candy Floss Machine

The Candy Floss or Cotton Candy as it also know is always a great addition to any party,The Candy Floss is made fresh every time it can either hired as a pay as you go item making you money for your good cause, or you can hire it for your party and have unlimited candy floss,you can choose the colour & flavour you want from the following:Strawberry Pink, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Banana Yellow, Orange & Green, when you hire The Candy Floos Machine it will be a fullt trained member of staff who will make sure you get the use of the equipment during your hire.

London Party Events can cater for small or large events, such as festivals, pop concert or a kids birthday party, we can make the cotton candy  either on the stick or place into bags, for high volume and quick service. The Candy Floss Machine  can be set up and ready to go with in minutes and can make 3 -4 flosses per minute, 


Candy Floss Machine

The Chocolate Fountain

The Chocolate Fountain with real Belgium chocolate and has a base which hold all your dips,The Chocolate Fountain is always a great addidtion to any party, wedding or show and with many different dips like :-

Fresh Strawberries
Soft Fluffy Marshmallows                                                                         
Fresh Melon
Mini Doughnuts
Fresh Kiwi fruit
Cream Profiteroles
Fresh Seedless Grapes
A Selection of Fudge
Fresh Bananas slices
Coconut macaroons
Jelly Babies
A Selection of Nougat
Shortbread fingers
Mini Meringue

Also availible with mik chocolate. you can see the chocolate fountain in action on you tube,  where you can see just how exciting The Chocolate Fountain looks, with endless amounts of chocolate for your party or event, your guest will be in chocolate heaven.

The Chocolate Fountain

The Pick And Mix Stand

The Pick And Mix Stand, you can choose from many differant sweet in our sweet shop, The Pick And Mix Stand can hold 25 differant sweets and come with bags and scoops, we can supply you with just the stand as a stand alone unit with out the sweets, as you can supply your own sweets.

Ii you wish to hire the stand and purchase the sweets from our shop at and click on the Pick And Mix tab you can choose for 100`s of sweets from our store, choose from the selection of sugar free or Haalal sweets, we have all your favourites like chocolate mice, snowies, fizzy cola bottles, milk bottle and many many more.

The Pick And Mix Stand

Pop Corn Cart

The Pop Corn Cart can be served in 3 differant flavours, plain, salted or sweet and all made freshly on site you can watch, The Popcorn Cart come with wheels and in a bright red colour and looks greta at any event or party and all you need to do is decide which is your best flavour, it come on a cart to make it look more fun like at a fair ground, very popular at weddings, biirthdays and festivals. 

The Popcorn Cart will come with a fully train member of staff and will make sure you have a great party and your guest enjoy our freshly made Popcorn.

Pop Corn Cart
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