Losma UK Division

Need to Filter Mist or Coolant? 

The Losma range of oil mist filters consists of twelve units that provide the widest range of extraction air flows available from any manufacturer in the World. 


Losma offer many different models of oil mist filter, centrifugal & static filters, specific units for high throughputs or centralised systems. All the models are ready for a wide range of modules of pre and after-filtration to resolve in a specific way any type of problem. Our oil mist collectors can be directly installed on or off machine tools. They remove the pollutant from source and can easily be moved and used again on other machines or switched off if not required.

Used on small lathes to large machining centres. The control of Mists and vapour from soluble or neat oil for machine tools, Oilmist, micro-mist, vapours and smokes for machine tools.

Our product uses.

pre-filter for coarser particles and significant quantities of metal dust and oil mist.

post-filter for eliminating oil mist particles, smoke and micromists

post-filter for the absolute filtration.

post-filter for unpleasant or noxious smells.

filtration of air in the workplace, capable of eliminating oil mist and smoke

fumes given off by dielectric fluids used in spark erosion machining.


The Losma Liquid Filtration Range is made up of various types of filter. All our products, from the simplest of cloth filters to more complex integrated systems with several filtration stages.

This means tailor-made solutions and one-off designs can be proposed for special customer requirements & equipped with refrigeration systems to order.

Losma UK Division Overview