Lost Wax Development Ltd

Manufacturers of Close Tolerance Investment Castings and Fine Art Works

Investment casting within close dimensional tolerances: ferrous & non-ferrous, stainless & alloy steels. The Lost Wax Development Ltd - process: Wax Injection & Assembly, Shell Manufacture, De-Waxing, Casting & fINISHING.

A Flexible Approach and the Highest Standards of Performance

From design concept to production, and from 0.5kg. to 25 kg. our castings can be relied on to provide the very highest standard of performance. Whether one off prototypes or continuous high volume production runs, our simulation and quality control systems allied to an accelerated investment programme make us the natural choice in virtually any critical engineering situation. So whilst we optimise our use of time and resources, we help to give our customers the strength they need to stay in front.

Also Art Eng A Unique Combination of Skills and Processes Excellent ideas for Corporate Awards, Schools, Colleges and Universities.

ArtEng can now offer a unique service in the products and facilities it provides. Historically the artist or designer when choosing a foundry, had a choice of bronze and a few other non-ferrous alloys in which to produce their work. ArtEng can produce castings in a wide range of alloys, we are particularly proud of our stainless steel pieces.

An early discussion with one of our experienced sales personnel is highly recommended.

Lost Wax Development Ltd Overview