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easy-Radio comes in transmitter, receiver and transceiver modules and as a pendant transmitter. Operating frequency for the modules is either 433-434MHz (ER400 series) or 868-870MHz for Europe and 902-928MHz for USA (ER900 series). As they’re based on the Chipcon’s RF ICs, the modules also provide user-programmable features including frequency of operation, power output and data rate. The easy-Radio (ER) ERx00TS transmitter, Erx00RS receiver and Erx00TRS transceiver incorporate ‘easy-Radio’ technology to provide high performance, simple to use radio devices that can transfer data over a range of up to 250 metres Line Of Sight (LOS). Furthermore ‘easy-Radio’ technology allows frequency, data rate and power output to be optimised for customer specific applications. The embedded software reduces design and development time significantly.

ISM Wireless Modules

Circuit Design is a leading design and manufacturing company of low power radio products. Circuit Design designs and supplies low power narrow-band standard radio modules for short-range applications. Their RF modules are designed to serve customers in fields such as Telecommand and Telecontrol, Telemetry, and the Alarm market where high reliability is required for industrial applications. Circuit Design’s quality system is certified by ISO9001. Circuit Design’s corporate objective is to enhance customer reliability and competitiveness in their radio link applications by providing the necessary narrow band products. 

Wireless Audio Video

Based on home-grown RF technologies, Airwave has successfully developed a series of 2.4GHz Wireless Digital Audio modules, 433MHz up to 5.8GHz RF modules, wireless home surveillance systems, 2.4GHz/ 5.8GHz AV senders, 2.4GHz wireless digital headphone, UFO(Universal Flip Operation) double-sided optical & wireless in-air mouse, and millimeter wave fixed wireless modules. 

Remote Control Systems

LPRS provides solutions for most of your remote controlling needs. Please call for further details or visit our website www.lprs.co.uk.


LPRS Ltd. provides multiple options for your sensor projects. Our main range is Pro-Wave ultrasonic sensors. 

Pro-Wave supply low and high output powered transducers in piezoelectric ceramic, polymer and electrostatic configurations. Their transducers are designed to couple to a variety of media including air, liquids and solids.
Together with Pro-Wave we can provide the total ultrasonic solution from the selection of sensor materials, transducer design and development, analog and digital circuit designs to software development.

We also supply some light sensors and vibration sensors from our trusted supplier base. Please call us for further information. 


LPRS provides a wide range of antennas for all of your wireless needs. Our range includes: Quarter wave whip antennas in 433MHz, 868-900MHz and 2.4GHz. Yagi antennas in 433MHz, 868-914MHz and 2.4GHz. Compressed antennas in 433MHz, 868-900MHz and 2.4GHz. 

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