Lowfield Ltd.

FAWT Greenhouses & Accessories are manufactured by Lowfield Ltd. We are a specialist sheet metal engineering company based in Wiltshire, England. (For enquiries on our general sheet metalwork capacity then please contact us).

We are best known for our Nova greenhouse (6’4” x 6’4”), but we also produce a wide range of octagonal greenhouses as well as the more traditional rectangular greenhouses (see Solar range). We also make an extensive range of accessories for both our greenhouses and most other greenhouses on the market.

Delivery of greenhouses usually takes place within in our target delivery date which is 21 working days from the date we receive the order.  Accessories or spares usually take about 1 week for delivery, but this again depends on what was ordered. We aim to phone you at least 24 hours before delivery.

If you have any queries about this or anything else please contact us.

Lowfield Ltd. Overview