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Loxton Consultancy Ltd. is a UK based consultancy, established in 2009, to provide SME and Corporate clients with a 'one stop shop' approach to their Telecom, Compliance, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery requirements based around a core set of 'best of breed' solutions. Its Managing Consultant, Ashley Loxton, has spent 25 years in consultative sales of which the past 3 years have been focused on supplying and installing the Eutelsat (Tooway) Satellite Broadband systems into Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Farms and construction sites.  

Loxton Consultancy Ltd. now specialises in providing Satellite Broadband systems and associated equipment to EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) Contractors, Main Contractors and Developers.

Loxton Consultancy Ltd. not only advises on suitable solutions but also installs and provides ongoing support to its clients.

Ashley Loxton carries a CSCS Operatives card, registration number 05292858/1, and has completed a Basic Height Awareness course.

Our aim is to provide a very personal and responsive service to our clients.

Satellite Broadband

Loxton Consultancy Ltd is a satellite internet provider specialising in Eutelsat’s Tooway Business Services satellite broadband packages, which represent the highest grade of high speed satellite internet available across Europe today. With up to 30Mbps download speed and Europe's fastest up to 6Mbps upload speed; these are our most robust solutions for business. All Tooway Business packages now come with prioritised traffic management between 0700 and 1900 hours on working days and the satellite operator NOC [Network Operations Centre] is available on a 24 x 7 basis.

Satellite Broadband internet is an ideal solution for solar farms, solar parks, remote locations, construction companies setting up new sites, rural communities and people suffering with over-promised ADSL connections, who want high speed satellite internet.

Satellite Broadband

Business Broadband

Business Broadband

Services with enough bandwidth to maximise your productivity

Is your business being held back by slow internet speeds?

  • Choice of fast download and upload speeds to suit your business
  • Wide choice of business class ADSL, Fibre and Ethernet connections based on Next Generation network connectivity
  • Fully flexible charging methods aligned with our core network design to ensure you get the right service for your business
  • A complete data package, including IP addressing and routers, or a wires only service
  • Proactive monitoring and correction of your connection
  • Business Care available to ensure you are always connected.
Business Broadband


Any cable router can be connected to the Tooway modem but we recommend the NetModule NB1600-UW for use on solar farms as it has the option of fitting a SIM card for backup, which satisfies the specification issued by Lightsource Renewable Energy Ltd.

Alternative routers are available or you can use your own.



SIM Cards

Loxton Consultancy Ltd, in partnership with Stream Technologies Ltd, can provide Business Grade SIM cards for use as a Backup to Satellite Broadband.

Direct Inbound Network Access

DINA is a new access technology designed by Stream to be an effective alternative to public IP addressing or VPN technologies. It provides the convenience of a fixed public IP address, but with the advantages of a VPN.

Worldwide SIM Access

DINA is designed to allow you access to your SIM estate anywhere in the world via a web page. From DINA you can associate any SIM on your account to a public IP address and then access that IP address from where you are. This allows you to quickly access remote devices without the need to set up or install complex VPN technologies.

Secure, Reliable and Cost Effective

Unlike fixed public IP addressing DINA is inherently more secure, reliable and more cost-effective. DINA is restricted and only connects to external sources that have requested an association via the DINA platform. This works as a very effective security and cost control measure as it automatically firewalls and blocks any unknown traffic. Only authorised users can set up an association, meaning that you can be confident that there will be no unsolicited access to your device.

Fully Resilient Connectivity

DINA is built on top of Stream's proven APN architecture - designed to give you a resilient robust connection for your remote devices - and takes advantage of our multiple points of presence and redundancy to ensure that you always have access to DINA and your devices.

Fault-Tolerant Design

DINA was developed in order to address some shortcomings in fixed public IP addressing on mobile networks: fixed public IPs can be accessed from anywhere and any traffic sent to them will be charged to the SIM card. This leads to situations where unsolicited access can run up substantial data charges without the users' knowledge. Fixed public IP addressing is also not resilient to network or provider failures as a fixed public IP address exists at one point on the internet and is hosted by a single provider. Using DINA you are allocated a public IP from one of our different POPs for a short period of time, making it substantially more fault tolerant than a single public IP address.

SIM Cards

Mobile International Calling

Install the Knowroaming sticker to reduce the cost of making International calls from UK mobiles by up to 85%.

After you apply the KnowRoaming sticker to your SIM card and insert it into your unlocked phone, you have access to reduced talk, text and data rates in over 200 countries. Our smart sticker detects when you are traveling outside your home network (i.e. roaming) and switches you onto the KnowRoaming platform which connects you to a local network. KnowRoaming offers a call forwarding feature - enabling you to receive all your calls to your home cell phone number while abroad. Purchasing local numbers from your destination countries so friends, family, and acquaintances that are in your country of travel can dial a local call to reach you.

The Knowroaming sticker enables users to reduce the cost of making International calls from their mobile, whilst in the UK, by up to 85%.

Mobile International Calling

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