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At LTE Scientific, we specialise in the supply of laboratory and medical equipment, manufacturing laboratory autoclaves for small and large scale applications in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Designed to comply with the high standards demanded for laboratory utilisation we can offer four ranges of laboratory autoclaves. We boast a highly skilled team of engineers to carry out testing, servicing and breakdown cover if required.

Our range includes:

  • Porous load autoclaves - designed for central sterilizing departments
  • Bench top autoclaves
  • Multi purpose autoclaves
  • Medical autoclaves

Endoscope Drying/Storage Cabinet

We have designed and developed our Scope-Store endoscope drying and storage cabinet range after in-depth consultation with clinical professionals to ensure optimum storage solutions. Available in both shelf loaded and vertical hanging formats, our Scope-Store endoscope drying and storage cabinet products can be provided with fully automatic or manual controls.

Cabinets in this range are as follows:

  • Scope-Store +
  • Scope-Store SE
  • Scope-Store PT +
Endoscope Drying/Storage Cabinet

Laboratory Ovens

Designed with maximum flexibility and unparalleled performance, our laboratory ovens meet the growing demand for reliability and quality in today’s laboratory facilities. We have expertise in the design and manufacture of laboratory ovens offering excellent value for money in the following products:

  • OP Series Ovens / Sterilizers
  • Swallow Ovens / Sterilizers
Laboratory Ovens

Laboratory Incubators

At LTE, our laboratory incubators are the result of our experience and expertise in the design and manufacture in the product field over the years. Built for excellent performance and value for money, our laboratory incubators include:

  • IP Series Incubators
  • Swallow Incubators
Laboratory Incubators

Freeze Dryers

We have developed a high-class range of Lyotrap freeze dryers suitable for numerous applications within the laboratory environment. Our Lyotrap freeze dryers are listed as follows:

  • Mini Lyotrap - smallest bench top freeze dryer with an ice capacity of 3kg
  • Lyotrap - simple to use, microprocessor-controlled bench-top model with a 5kg ice capacity, is packed with useful features
  • Lyotrap Ultra - largest freeze dryer in the range, with an 10kg ice capacity
Freeze Dryers

Drying Cabinets

Complete with nine models over three ranges, our wide selection of drying cabinets are designed to fulfil many requirements in the laboratory environment. For straight forward natural convection drying, Our Sliding Door drying cabinets represent excellent value for money.

Other products in this range include the following:

  • Economy Drying Cabinets - large capacity cabinets provides efficient drying at an economical price
  • Filtered Air Drying Cabinet - thermostatically controlled with fine filter to prevent contamination of the cabinet
Drying Cabinets

Reduce your Electricity Bill

LTE Scientific, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of laboratory equipment has just launched its new eco-drying cabinet range for glassware, offering massive energy savings when compared to conventionally constructed glassware drying cabinets.

In tests, the DL100E used only 0.1kWh to get from 22°C to 60°C and then only 0.125kWh thereafter to maintain that temperature. At a constant 75°C the DL100E only used 0.188kWh.

Available in 4 sizes from 100 to 1000-litres, the eco-drying cabinet range is fully insulated on 5 sides and supplied with glass sliding doors or double glazed doors, depending on the model chosen.

Digital temperature control, a 7 day timer and 2-year warranty come as standard on all models.

LTE’s hygienic Sterling anti-bacterial coating is used on all the outer casings, whilst all interiors are manufactured from stainless steel.

Reduce your Electricity Bill

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