Lubron Advanced Oils Ltd


At Lubron Advanced Oils Ltd, we are experts in blending and dispensing a huge range of industry oils, from commercial, engine, hydraulic to food, garden and specialist oils.

We provide any type of pack size, anywhere from 100ml to 1000L containers and will deliver to outside of the UK.

Garden Oil

We can provide you with a huge selection of garden oils and grease products. These include lawnmower oils, decking oils and chainsaw oils – many of which can be purchased individually or in specific packs or pallet sizes.

Industrial Oil

Lubron manufacture a variety of Industrial Oils. From anywhere between Hydraulic to Soluble Oils, we can produce them all, with oils being blended and mixed on site. We also produce;

  • Industrial Gear Oils
  • Slideway Lubricants
  • Cutting Oil
  • Heat Transfer Oil
  • Compressor Oil
  • Turbine Oil
  • Transformer Oil
  • Greases

Engine Oils

For premium car oil at the best price possible, and for top quality oils for both Petrol and Diesel engines, visit Lubron Advanced Oils. Our engine oil can be used in naturally aspirated or turbocharged vehicle engines, and is produced from the newest additive packages and select base oils, bringing together contemporary technologies.  
Our products offer brilliant detergent and dispersant qualities, with a great performance over a large range of temperature. They also offer protection against the formation of ‘black sludge’.


Lubron also sell a huge variety of greases, including high-temperature, fluid, marine and multi-purpose products. All of the greases we sell can otherwise be brought seperately or in specific packs or pallet sizes.
We stock only top quality brands we know and trust to deliver the best quality to yourself as the user, such as Mobil Greases and Lithium Grease brands.

Sewing Machine Oil

We at Lubron Advanced Oils specially design sewing machine oil, ensuring that hosiery and general sewing machines are efficiently and properly lubricated. This means that there will be no stains nor blemishes on the fabric; this is what we pride ourselves on.

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