Lucid Product Design and Innovation Group


We provide expert and unrivaled innovation in product design and offer a professional and comprehensive manufacturing consultancy. Our concept evaluation includes expert advice for improving your chances of success.

Our concept evaluation reduces the risk of product innovation for entrepreneurs and marketing managers.

Innovation Workshops

To develop your business' ability to innovate, we provide comprehensive innovation workshops.

Our innovation workshops are the perfect catalysts for creating ideas and new methods of thinking. Group sessions are available for up to 12 people.

Feasibility Studies

We offer solutions in feasibility studies providing detailed information to back-up investment decisions.

Feasibility studies focus on a product design project in practical directions and include expert analysis, detailed reports and multidisciplinary skills.

Ideas Factory

Our ideas factory™ delivers inspiration and ideas for your business. Ideas factory™ is our in-house approach to generating, visualising and communicating innovative product design thinking quickly.

We provide:

  • A focus on client needs
  • Cross fertilising experience
  • Creative solutions

Investor Presentations

Our unique and unrivaled investor presentations solutions communicate ideas in ways investors understand. Investor presentations can specify the benefits of new product design ideas in methods to get financiers involved.

We deliver presentations as independent projects or as stages within a larger development.

Brand Embodiment

Our brand embodiment solutions enhance the creation and stimulation of customer loyalty.

Brand embodiment is a particular expertise of our team and their brand development and product design engineering experience and capabilities are extensive.

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