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Business Manager (Connect) Heike Craemer

Lumberg Connect manufactures products and complete solutions in interconnect technology for industrial electronics – including household appliances, building technology, photovoltaics, automotive, consumer electronics and the communications industries. Connector systems, antennas developed at the in-house radio frequency laboratory and mechatronic sub-assemblies are just some of Lumberg’s expertise.

The customer’s solution requirement is what drives Lumberg’s development and manufacturing. A high degree of competence and expertise has been achieved in the areas of high-speed punching and bending technology, high-precision injection moulding and high-speed assembly technology. Semi and fully automatic assembly lines incorporate complex production technologies and sophisticated testing technologies.

Connector systems

Connector systems and sub-assemblies make up the bulk of our comprehensive range of products.

Circular DIN Connector IEC601309 / M16 Connector

Lumberg’s Circular DIN Connector IEC601309 or M16 Connector named after the thread size has seen considerable growth in popularity in recent years. The connector range is used in instrumentation, control units, weighing systems, traffic surveillance systems, torque sensors, UMTS mobile applications, communication systems, measurement and sensors for indoors and outdoors.

The original version in IP40 and unshielded has advanced in all aspects. The connectors are now offered with an environmental protection up to IP68 and in 360° shielded where required. A wide range is also available when it comes to panel receptacles (up to 14 poles) with front or rear fastening in a solder bucket or dip solder version for PCBs. Apart from the solder style type connector Lumberg has added the crimp design to its comprehensive 03 Circular DIN Connector range.


Our extensive catalogue program offers solutions for a wide range of applications. However, special applications often require customer specific solutions.

We are making it easy for you. Profit from our systems solutions and services!.

Flexural Pivot Bearings

Lumberg UK is proud to be the sole representative of Riverhawk USA in UK. We have been working together for decades always pursuing the highest standards and satisfaction for our customers.

Riverhawk Company designs and manufactures Free-Flex® Pivot bearings. The Free Flex® Pivot is a simply packaged, compact, and easily installed limited rotation bearing with predictable and repeatable performance. This patented pivot fills the needs that standard lubricated bearings cannot meet, such as applications that do not permit lubrication yet demand precise positioning and require infinite life. It is a unique bearing concept for applications with limited angular travel of up to 60° (±30°) rotation. They are a frictionless alternative to roller element bearings, knife edge bearings, jeweled bearings, and similar devices. Unlike traditional bearings the mechanical properties of Flexural Pivots are predictable and do not degrade over time.

Cable Assemblies

Choosing the right company to supply your cable assemblies can provide immediate, substantial gains to your business.
At Lumberg UK we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, teamed with flexible lead times and competitive prices, making us a leading manufacturers of bespoke cable assemblies.As a qualified supplier of bespoke cable assemblies to a wide variety of sectors, Lumberg UK has the advantage of extensive experience and complex understanding of the unique cable assembly needs of various industries. We know that it is imperative that every detail of the design and manufacturing process is seamless and performs to the highest standard, which is why we ensure that with Lumberg’s renowned standard of quality manufacturing and vigorous testing programme, our customers can trust us to provide a quality cable assembly product – on time, every time.

Push Button Switches

Lumberg PBS Series Pushbutton Switches

  • Lumberg PBS series pushbutton switches are available with latching or momentary functions.
  • The PBS series of pushbutton switches have ABS switch bodies and nylon actuator buttons in Red, Black or Cream.
  • Square faced 15.5mm bezel
  • 12mm cut out
  • Solder tag termination
  • Mechanical life >10,000 operations
  • 12 - 15mm Diameter Cut Out

Waterproof Connectors

The M5/M8/M9/M12 system continues to fill the ongoing needs for sensor connection in Industrial Machinery and Factory Automation. A connection standard for many years, these products also find application outside of their traditional industries where a compact reliable connection system with environmental protection is required. The Lumberg UK Electronics range of M5/M8/M9/M12 connector products comprises the most popular variants of this family to allow versatile systems to be quickly and easily established.

Single ended terminated cable assemblies utilize overmoulded/aluminium construction with a choice of PVC or PUR cables in various length. Panel mount products are offered with a choice of solder cup or PCB termination.
Additional styles are available on request including A,B, C& D coded M12 series up to 17 pins. Alternative mounting arrangements for panel mount connectors and double ended cable assemblies upon request. Lumberg UK also provides a waterproof range of USB, Mini USB, RJ45 and HDMI.

RJ 45 Ethernet Waterproof Connector

RJ 45 connector 8-pole, metal aluminum finish, waterproof IP68 sealing, front panel mount, PBC termination
ideal for high speed data transfer, reliable in rough environments

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