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We have the complete answer for pumping oil into and out of plant and machinery. With over 200 years combined experience our sales staff will advise the most cost effective and efficient method to resolve your specific needs. We can modify our equipment to fit your requirements.

With our own and partners manufacturing facilities we will be pleased to help with any new product requirements for pumping, dispensing and handling fuels, oil and grease.


Diesel Handling

Our Diesel and Fuel handling equipment includes retractable hose reels with 15 or 20 metre hose lengths. Fuel and Diesel Storage tanks can be supplied in steel or plastic with or without fuel handling equipment. Alarm or clock gauges can be supplied for bund, overfill or re-ordering levels. We are likely to have fuel handling equipment to meet all types of demands in the UK.

Grease Handling

Our Grease Guns and Pumps are designed to handle most of the popular multipurpose greases to NLGI - No.2 specification made with light to medium base oil viscosities. However, with greases for special applications, which may have high viscosity base oils and/or special additives, problems may be encountered. If so, the question of pump ability should be referred to the appropriate grease manufacturer.

Adblue Handling

On 1st October 2006 the Euro IV was introduced for new vehicles. This was an update from the EU guideline on the control of toxic fumes from heavy-duty diesel powered vehicles.

We have developed a new range of pumps and dispensing units to supply UREA/ADBLUE solution AUS 32.  (Urea solution DIN 70070 - NOx reducing agent). The Materials used are compatible with the solution.  Our kits have differing features to satisfy varying requirements.

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