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Established in 1993, Lyco has consistently exceeded customer expectations and has grown to become the UK’s premier lighting supplier. Our reputation for service, quality and price was further enhanced when we introduced our essential Business Product ranges, confirming our status as a single source solution for lighting and business supplies. Now with over thousands of products, ranging from low energy light bulbs and light fittings to fans and fridges, we are a one-stop shop to manage all your facility requirements.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

For the best prices in Energy Saving Bulbs, at Lyco we can really help you cut the costs on your energy bills. Switching to low energy light bulbs can help your pockets both at home and in the workplace.

Fluorescent Tubes

From tiny T4 kitchen display tubes to giant T12 tubes, we have a great range of fluorescent lamps available, including unusual and specialist lamps. We stock the very small T4 tubes, and along with the T5 you can use these for kitchen cabinet and other display lighting. Although miniature they give a bright output, ideal for task lighting.

Regular Light Bulbs

Our range of regular light bulbs includes many familiar products used for general purpose lighting, particularly in and around the home, along with a range of industrial products.

Within our regular light bulb range, we offer a great choice of well known and quality brands, like GE Lighting, Crompton, Osram and Greenstock. We've chosen them as they have leading reputations within the field of lighting, and we know our customers love them, as they give us great feedback time and again about their products.

Decorative Light Bulbs

We have a truly fantastic range of decorative light bulbs, which will enable you to quickly and easily update your existing lighting scheme.

Halogen Bulbs

Here at Lyco, we stock a wide range of halogen lamps in both mains and low voltage to suit all your requirements, whether you are lighting the star of the show, or the path to the shed.

Commercial & Industrial

When you need lamps for commercial and industrial use, it’s a relief to know that Lyco stocks trusted products from the best manufacturers, like Philips, Osram, Sylvania and GE Lighting. We’ve got all the popular types to choose from including:

• Metal halide
• Ceramic Metal Halide
• White Lux
• Mercury MBF-U
• Dual SON & Mercury
• White SON [SDW-T]

Indoor Light Fittings

As the UK's no 1 supplier of lighting, we stock an extensive range of indoor light fittings in a vast range of styles and prices; from commercial lighting for offices, factories, shops and car parks to exquisite hand-made Italian glass luminaries for the most upscale of establishments.

Outdoor & Garden Lights

First impressions last, so it is crucial that you select the right outdoor and garden lighting to enhance your premises.

Choose from the large selection of great quality outdoor and garden lights available from Lyco and find fittings that precisely match the style and tone of your buildings and gardens. Our range includes industrial and commercial fittings, security lighting, stylish contemporary and traditional lights and modern recessed and compact light fittings.

Party Lights & Effects

Lyco stocks a full range of great value party lights, effects and music systems, which are suitable for venues large and small. The high quality equipment in this range makes full use of modern technology and design, so you can create exactly the right party atmosphere for your event.

Heating & Cooling

Many buildings, especially commercial and light industrial units, are not designed with a built-in heating or cooling system, or the system is inadequate.

Yet a comfortable, consistent temperature is vital for productive working. Too hot and workers become slow, inefficient and prone to making mistakes. In offices where concentration is vital this can lead to expensive errors, and in medial environments or plants where there is complex machinery there is a danger of accidents and injury.

Electrical Supplies

As part of our commitment to being the UK's number one lighting and maintenance supplier, we have an extensive range of electrical supplies. It includes both regularly needed items and hard-to-find products - all from a single, reliable, good value supplier.

Office Equipment

We stock a wide range of great quality products that are excellent value and ideal for use in any office environment so that you can find exactly what you are looking for right here.


Lyco offers a range of security equipment, specially selected for reliability, useful features and excellent value. Our range of security products includes:

• CCTV Systems including wired versions which need to be installed by a qualified electrician and wireless versions which can be set up simply and easily with no installation. We also offer different styles of dummy CCTV cameras with working lights to give intruders the impression that they are under surveillance.
• Alarms including complete alarm systems that are easy to install and conform to the highest European and British standards
• Counterfeit Detectors offering a low cost way to check for forged banknotes and documents
• Safes and Security Boxes to store valuable objects and papers of various sizes from both theft and fire
• Padlocks, Key Cabinets and Key Accessories, including combination padlocks, heavy duty padlocks and keyed alike padlocks
• Door Locks and Bolts, both mechanically coded and electronic digitally coded
• Door Bells, including both battery and mains operated wire free versions
• Door Entry Systems with a built in CCTV camera

Other security accessories such as security mirrors, remote control sockets, security spites and personal security alarms

Our security products are selected from a wide range of top brands including Draper, Byron and Master.

Health & Safety

With the increasing legislation in the area of Health & Safety, it's good to know that we stock a range of fully compliant equipment and signage. Our buyers select quality, durable products and use our massive buying power to negotiate excellent prices.

Maintenance & Tools

As one of Britain's leading suppliers of lighting and maintenance items, we are proud to stock a wide range of products which is expanding all the time. Our customers tell us it is very convenient to be able to purchase light bulbs and maintenance products from one single source, especially as we always stock good quality items at low prices.

Cleaning Supplies

Keeping your premises clean and hygienic is important for every business. It ensures the health and safety of your employees and customers and helps you maintain a positive image for your company. Lyco stocks a wide range of cleaning and washroom supplies that are of the very highest quality and yet remain affordable and cost-effective for commercial use. From Vacuum Cleaners, Sweepers & Mops to Washroom Fittings & Supplies, you’ll find all you need to keep your premises spick and span.

Catering Equipment

We now supply catering establishments, such as cafes, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and B&B's all over the UK. All the items in our range of electrical catering equipment have been selected because they are widely recognised within the industry as being best in class for quality, value, reliability and being fit-for-purpose.

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