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Lynvale carry extensive stocks of Expanding Foam Tapes, slit to your exact requirements and offer an unrivalled service in terms of price, quality and delivery.

Expanding foam tapes are manufactured with open celled Polyurethane foam impregnated with Neoprene andflame retardants , also called Expanding P.U Foam tape. The product expands to around 400% its original thickness.

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EXP6 Expanding Foam Tape

If you need a highly resistant, long-lasting seal between surfaces, EXP6 is for you!

Ideal for sealing any gap where weatherproofing and protection from UV light is critical, this expanding polyurethane foam sealing tape will give you years of solid performance, and is fast and simple to use – keeping your costs down and standards up!

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THERMALBOND® V2100 series also known as Norton Tape is the most commonly used structural glazing spacer tape in two and four sided structural glazing. THERMALBOND® performs a load bearing function while the structural sealant cures. Typical applications include curtain walls, storefronts, skylights, and other applications.

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Normount V2800

High Perfomance Double Sided Polyurethane Foam
Normount® V2800
is an Energy Dissipating closed cell polyurethane foam tape with a very high performance acrylic adhesive on both sides. V2800 from Lynvale is the ideal choice for any demanding exterior and interior mounting applications. The product is durable in all weather conditions.

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Very High Bond Tapes

Acrylic Foam Tape provides an instant, extremely strong water tight bond suitable for many applications. It is fast replacing heavy, time consuming mechanical fasteners, liquid adhesives and spot welds, unlike rivets and spot welds Acrylic Foam Tape evenly distributes stress along the bond line eliminating weak spots caused by drilling and provides a water tight seal in one process. The Viscoelastic nature of Acrylic Foam Tape allows the bond to perform in applications subjected to movement including thermal expansion / contraction.

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Rotary Die Cutting

Rotary Die Cutting is very similar to label cutting. Lynvale, die cutting specialists, have 7 Rotary Die Cutting Machines ranging from 110mm wide to 300mm wide.

110mm wide machines can produce labels up-to 110mm in width and 300mm wide machines can produce labels up-to 300mm in width.

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Roll Slitting

Lynvale have 2 automatic high precision roll slitting machines offering slit widths of material from 3mm up to 1,600mm in width. These machines offer tolerances as tight as +/- 0.5mm on the slit width and product can be supplied on either 3” or 1” cores with the cores being either cardboard or plastic.

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Log Re-Winding

Our Re-Wind Machine (or Logger) is used for several purposes.

Primarily, we take large rolls of material and wind them down into specific lengths for finished rolls. We also use this machine to put material onto specific cores for finished rolls

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Flat Bed Die Cutting

Lynvale have one Flat Bed Die Cutting Press. This machine serves a very similar purpose to the Rotary Die Cutting Machines in that it is used to produce parts either individually or kiss cut on rolls

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X/Y/Z Plotter Cutting System

The X/Y/Z Plotter Cutting System is used to accurately cut numerous materials and can work directly from CAD Drawings.

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Band Sawing

Our Band Saw is used for cutting larger items of Non Adhesive Foam and Self Adhesive Foam into individual pieces.

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Travelling Head Press Cutting

The cutting bed on our Travelling Head Press Cutting Machine is 500mm x 2M allowing us to produce individual cut parts up to this size.

Virtually any flexible material (typically Self Adhesive Foam, Non Adhesive Foam, Cork, Fabric, Plastic and Gasket Materials) up-to 50mm thick can be supplied as finished components.

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Sit and Re-Wind Roll Slitting

Slit & Re-Wind Roll Slitting is used instead of conventional roll slitting for certain applications. We can slit material up-to 1M wide in virtually any length (depending upon the thickness of the material). Tolerances can be held to +/- 0.25mm and very straight edges are achieved using web guiding techniques.

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