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The IOSH Managing Safely course is considered by many to be the best safety training available for managers and we would agree. This course will help your managers to realise their responsibilities and how to dispense of them. They can then help to make your workplace a safer place to work, reduce costs and cut down on waste.

The IOSH Managing Safely training course includes modules on:

Introducing Managing Safely - Why is it important to manage safely? What are your responsibilities as a manager?
Assessing the risks- What is risk? What is a risk assessment?How are risk assessments carried out?
Controlling the risks - How do you reduce risk? How do you decide which risk control to use?
Understanding your responsibilities - What does the law require you to do? How does the law work? What are the key parts of a health and safety management systems?
Identifying hazards - What are common hazards? What can you do about common hazards?
Investigating hazards & incidents - Why investigate accidents and incidents? How do accidents and incidents happen? How do you carryout an investigation?
Measuring performance - What’s performance measurement about? How do you measure health and safety performance?
What is auditing?
Protecting the environment - What is the impact of industry on the environment? How can you control pollution and waste?
What are the main elements of an environmental management system?

We have an excellent pass rate for our IOSH Managing Safely and we are so confident in our ability to deliver understanding that we offer a guaranteed pass. If anyone was ever to fail the post course assessment or project we will re-train and re-assess free of charge as many times as it takes to gain an IOSH Managing Safely certificate.

We run open courses at our training centre in Greater Manchester throughout the year at great prices. We also offer delivery of our IOSH Managing Safely training at your venue with some outstanding deals available.

This is a four day course and we provide it over a four day block, on courses run on two days per week over two consecutive weeks and even one day per week over four consecutive weeks.

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