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m+p international is a worldwide provider of advanced test and measurement solutions for vibration testing, noise & vibration measurement and analysis as well as for general data acquisition and test stand engineering.

Vibration Controllers

At m+p international, we specialise in vibration control systems for:

  • Vibration test equipment
  • Environmental test equipment
  • Vibration control
  • Shaker testing


Dynamic Signal Analysers - Noise and Vibration Equipment

m+p international provides a family of highly accurate dynamic signal analysers for all NVH needs:

  • Portable real-time FFT analysers
  • Acoustic measurement systems
  • Dynamic signal acquisition systems
  • Structural measurement including modal analysis and impact testing
  • Rotating machinery diagnostics, machinery condition monitoring
  • Ground vibration testing (GVT) systems    


Data Acquisition Systems

  • Continuous data acquisition
  • Signal analysis
  • Process monitoring
  • Tens to thousands of channels 

Vibration Control Systems

m+p international provides vibration controllers for advanced shaker testing and signal analysis in many top environmental test laboratories. We specialise in supplying complete vibration control and test systems including shaker and combined climatic and vibration test stands.

m+p VibControl supports highly accurate measurement hardware from four to hundreds of input channels.

The full range of test modes includes:

  • Random - including notching/force limiting, random data reduction
  • Sine - including notching/force limiting, resonance search & dwell, sine displacement and velocity control, sine data reduction
  • Shock - classical shock, shock response spectrum (SRS), external pulse, transient capture
  • Mixed mode testing - sine-on-random (SoR), random-on-random (RoR), sine-on-random-on-random (SoRoR)
  • Time domain replication - (e.g. road load simulation)
  • Time history recording to throughput disk

The closed-loop acoustic m+p VibControl testing solution in a reverberation chamber (AcousticControl) is structured on the same user interface and hardware platform as the vibration control systems. This means just by adding software modules, a control system can effectively be configured.

Vibration Control Systems

Dynamic Signal Analysers - Noise and Vibration Equipment

Designed for noise and vibration applications in the field, test lab and in the office our m+p SO Analyzer is the ideal choice for the following:

  • Accurate and efficient noise and vibration measurements
  • Third-party data import/export
  • Data analysis
  • Reporting your results in a single package.

The m+p SO Analyzer supports a variety of applications from four to hundreds of input channels and rugged USB-based front-ends, high-channel count acquisition hardware with high-speed Ethernet interface is included.

Integrated Noise and Vibration Analysis Modules:

  • Structural Analysis - including ODS, SDOF, MDOF, OMA, MIMO
  • Impact Testing
  • Normal Mode Tuning for Ground Vibration Testing
  • Rotational Dynamics - analysis, machinery testing, machinery condition monitoring, balancing
  • Acoustics - analysis including environmental noise
  • Human Factors - vibration and noise
  • Vehicle Drive-by Noise - (Pass-by Noise) testing and analysis
  • Sound Quality - including pitch and warble analysis
  • Sound Power - including ISO 3744/6 and ISO 9614, Tonality
Dynamic Signal Analysers - Noise and Vibration Equipment

Complete Vibration Test Systems

At m+p international, we can provide complete vibration test systems that include:

  • Vibration controller
  • Computer
  • Electrodynamic or hydraulic shaker(s)
  • Accessories such as accelerometers, fixtures, cables, etc.

We have a wealth of experience supplying custom-made solutions for functional tests stands in various industries.

Complete Vibration Test Systems

Data Acquisition Systems

Offering a functionality that was previously only available in custom packages, m+p Coda is our full-featured turnkey software platform for data acquisition, signal analysis and process monitoring.

Advantages and features include:

  • The intelligent interface facilitates set-up, operation and analysis, leads to accurate repeatable results quickly
  • The scalable architecture makes m+p Coda ideal for any test size from tens to thousands of channels
  • Measurements and data analysis on test stands and test assemblies
  • Performance and functional tests of turbo machinery, gas and steam turbines, jet engines, gearboxes, generators
  • Experimental structural testing, multi-axis strain and stress analyses
  • Process monitoring in power plants, refineries, at production lines
  • Static and dynamic structural tests, e.g. on aircraft and rail vehicles

m+p Coda processes virtually every physical quantity and supports a wide variety of powerful USB, Ethernet, LXIbus and VXIbus-based instruments from renowned manufacturers.

Data Acquisition Systems

Calibration Services

m+p international offers on-site or return-to-bench commercial re-calibration for all its measurement hardware. Keeping your equipment at peak precision by calibrating it minimizes your testing downtime.

An annual calibration is recommended to check that all is well with your systems and they are within manufacturer’s tolerances. A calibration to national standards is also an option we offer.

Calibration Services

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