M S I Alarms Ltd


Based in Llandudno, MSI Alarms Ltd supply, install and maintain security and safety systems throughout North Wales and the Chester area. Our systems include:

  • Intruder, fire and social alarms
  • Emergency lighting
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • Door access control
  • Perimeter protection
  • Data transmission

Intruder Alarms

MSI Intruder alarm systems use sensors of the very highest quality. We can supply 24 hour remote monitoring, internal and external protection as well as a key holder and Police notification and response service.

In addition to commercial intruder alarms we also provide alarm systems for home use. From video entry phones to CCTV cameras, our aim is to ensure that you, your family and business are always safe and secure. Our customer service team will be delighted to help you find exactly what you need to meet your security system requirements.

Fire Alarms

For over 30 years MSI have been supplying fire alarm systems to homes and businesses. Many homes have smoke alarms but they only alert the occupants to evacuate the premises. Ideally the Fire and Emergency Services should be notified, whether a building is occupied or not.

Here at MSI we supply and install automatic fire detection systems which will alert the emergency services as well as warning anyone at risk from smoke or fire to vacate the building. Designed to meet British Standards and compliant with local Fire Authorities, state-of-the-art technology means that the risk of unwanted alarms is low.


The demand for CCTV has grown over recent years as people become more security conscious. MSI supply a range of CCTV options to meet your needs, whether you want to monitor your home or an entire town centre. Whatever environment you want CCTV to cover we have a bespoke solution to suit including:

  • 24 hour coverage
  • Remote control for unmanned sites

If you need to survey multiple locations we can arrange for the images from multiple CCTV cameras on multilpe sites to be networked back to a central location allowing one person to monitor them.

Social Care Alarms

Independence is often taken for granted but as people become older and less mobile independent living often becomes impossible. Here at MSI, we like to support those who wish to remain self-sufficient whilst offering their loved ones peace of mind. We provide a range of high-tech social care alarms specifically designed to meet the individual’s needs.

Our discreet inactivity sensors can alert family/carers, a neighbour or the emergency services to the fact that an occupant is not moving around their house, possibly as the result of illness or a fall.

Emergency Lighting

MSI provide bespoke emergency lighting to meet your legal responsibilities and your personal requirements. As well as motion sensor controled lighting, we can also supply emergency lighting systems for shops, offices, industrial units, town centres, car parks, shopping centres, in fact, whatever your business needs.

Please contact our customer support team for help with emergency lighting or any of the other safety or security products we specialise in.

Access control

MSI offer a wide selection of access control products to complement all other security systems and to provide customers with a range of options to suit different applications.  The breadth of the range extends from low cost single door to multi site, PC based systems, all of which can be interfaced with the latest range of reading devices, photo-identification systems and audio/video door entry systems.

When controlled or restricted access of personnel or vehicles is a requirement, a number of different methods can be implemented, these include card, code, and hands-free and voice access control systems.

Article Surveillance - Tagging systems

MSI radio frequency based systems are designed to combat the ever increasing problem of retail theft. A variety of tags including labels, bar codes, plastic and ink can be utilised. MSI systems are carefully manufactured to take into account the architect's preference to high quality hardware, a range of equipment that may change in color and design to suit the ambience of any well appointed shop display.

Fire Extinguishers

MSI deals with all major suppliers of  Fire equipment, sourcing equipment to meet client's needs, either directly from manufacturers or authorised dealers. MSI is not tied to any particular supplier; neither does it supply its own manufactured goods, except for specialised equipment developed by MSI exclusively for its clients.

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