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Here at MA Hydraulics, we specialise in the supply of Vivoil pumps and flow dividers. Since 1985, Vivoil pumps and flow dividers provide high quality, high performance hydraulic gear pumps, hydraulic gear motors and geared flow dividers. The company applies innovative solutions to hydraulic system requirements. Our flow dividers allow a single pump flow to be 'split' into a varying number of separate flows.

Luen Cartridge Valves

We provide Luen cartridge valves including in-line cartridge valves and integrated manifold systems. Luen cartridge valves are produced using vast experience in valve manufacture with the emphasis being on competitively priced, high quality components. We pride ourselves in keeping good stocks of all the popular lines to respond effectively to customers’ requirements.

Industrial Pumps and Valves

We provide an extensive range of industrial pumps and valves. Our industrial pumps and valves include fixed and variable displacement vane pumps, pressure compensated piston pumps, solenoid operated directional controls together with a variety of pressure and flow control valves.

Power Transmission

We provide a fantastic range of power transmission solutions.

Our power transmission solutions include:

  • Bearing supports
  • Lever operated mechanical clutches
  • Electro-magnetic clutches
  • Agricultural PTO gearboxes
  • Speed reducers
  • Splitter boxes

Orbit Motors

We stock high torque, slow speed orbit motors. Our compact orbit motors are suitable for applications including motors, winches, conveyors, slews, sweeper drives, augers, cutters, mowers and chippers.

Manual Valves and Diverters

We provide an impressive selection of manual valves and diverters suitable for 3/8 BSP to 1½ BSP with flows up to 400 LPM and 350 BAR working pressures. Our manual valves and diverters are ideal for air, DC 12/24 volt actuation, or hydraulic pilot operation.

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