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Hotplate Welding can be used to join a variety of thermoplastics. They are usually in the form of injection mouldings, or extrusions. A wide range of component sizes and shapes can be welded and the weld is not restricted to a flat surface. High strength, leak-tight welds can be consistently achieved.

Hotplate welding is a technique which is appropriate to certain applications, where ultrasonic, spin, RF or other welding processes would either be unsatisfactory or uneconomic.

We can offer advice on which is the most suitable process, as we are agents for the manufacturers of other welding processes.
The technique is ideally suited to components which are produced in fairly large quantities, so as to economically amortise the relatively high cost of the machine and tooling. The machine is generally loaded by hand with an automatic welding cycle, although automatic loading or palletised loading is possible in certain applications. The component parts should be designed for hot-plate welding from the start, so that the joint design and the nesting and clamping arrangements are optimised.

We will be pleased to advise on the suitability of a product for hot-plate welding, and work with a client's designers to ensure a satisfactory product, and thereby minimise production difficulties. We have a wide range of standard range of machines, but we can also custom-build machines when an unusual product needs welding.