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Macs Automated Bollard Systems provide the complete solution for the use of automatic rising bollard systems, from private driveways to local authority pedestrian areas and traffic control highways areas.

With a full range of automatic bollards, plus semi automatic bollards, ANPR, fault monitoring, traffic indicator posts, static bollards and street furniture to complement them, whatever your needs our expert advisors will ensure you get the right product for you.

Automatic Rising Bollards

Our range of automatic rising bollards are suitable for all applications, from residential and commercial bollards for driveways, to highways approved bollards for local authority pedestrian schemes and bus gates.

The bollards come in a variety of sizes from 100mm diameter to 275mm, and can be painted or stainless steel. Other options include flashing lights and sounders and the use of our unique fault monitoring system.

Automatic bollards have become an everyday sight in todays town and city centres, and more and more local authorities are choosing rising bollards as a way of introducing traffic calming and pedestrian only areas. 

Macs' automatic rising bollards are the result of over 15 years development. The rising bollards use a hydraulic system with a built-in pump, making the automatic bollards the most reliable for use for any application.

Macs automatic rising bollards come in a wide range of sizes and a choice of options including:

  • Custom colours of the bollard cylinder to match surrounding area
  • Flashing lights and sounder in the bollard head to ensure visability and safety
  • Bollard blackout device in case of power failure, bollard power unit for use during blackout
  • Integration with access control and our bespoke fault monitoring system to give complete control
  • Variety of sizes from 100mm diameter to 275mm
Automatic Rising Bollards

Semi Automatic and Manual Bollards

Macs Automated Bollard Systems have a range of semi automatic and lift assisted rising bollards that can be used either alongside our automatic bollards, or used independently where automatic bollards are not required. 

Our semi automatic rising bollards are designed and built to have the same asthetic appearance of our automatic rising bollards, and are suitable for use on many applications such as shop fronts, private driveways and businesses.

Our lift assisted bollards are an even more economical solution, offering the protection needed for applications such as homes and driveways, whilst the integrated gas actuator allows the user to easily raise the bollards with little effort needed.

The raising of both the semi automatic bollards and the lift assisted bollards could not be simpler. Through the use of a key and a single gas actuator, the bollards rise out of the ground with no need for manual lifting, whilst to lower the bollards the key is used again and the bollard simply pushed down into position.

Semi Automatic and Manual Bollards

Energy Distribution Towers

Macs Semi Automatic Rising Energy Distribution Towers are bespoke multi utility, recessed, semi automatic rising power supply hook up points. Designed to suit your individual requirements they are available with any combination of:

Electricity / Water / Telephone / Compressed Air

The unit is IP66 rated; power can be a combination of 230V and/or 380V three phase electricity sockets. Energy Towers are automatically raised by a gas actuator, activated using a special key. Top cover plate can be recessed to fit paving, gravel etc to perfectly blend with the surrounding ground finish.

Energy Distribution Towers


For use on their own or in conjunction with an automatic bollard system for added protection, our range of automatic rising barrier suit all applications, from parking barriers to 100% duty cycle industrial barriers.


Static Bollards and Street Furniture

Our range of static bollards and street furniture come in a variety of styles and sizes, for use either on their own or to further complement our automatic rising bollards.

Static Bollards and Street Furniture

Bollard Monitoring and Control

The Macs Touch Screen PLC Control System is the latest in our bespoke PLC based control panels, giving you remote access to the bollard from any location via ethernet connection allowing for immediate action to be taken 24 hours a day.

Along with offering total control of the bollard system, this new function means we are able to resolve a high frequency of rising bollard queries eliminating the need for a emergency call out. If any call out is needed the advanced notification system ensures engineers arrive fully prepared on site, reducing the need for additional visits. 

In addition, each Macs remote bollard monitoring system are designed by our in-house PLC engineers to meet your specifications and each panel is constructed from the ground up by one of our fully qualified engineers, using high quality components ensuring reliability and excellent performance. 

Bollard Repair Service

At Macs Automated Bollard Systems we provide a bollard repair service to both new and existing automatic bollard installations. Our service is available on a majority of makes and models offering a competitive bollard repair service throughout the UK. 

On the first call out, our engineers will perform a full inspection of the bollard looking for damage or non operational parts. Our engineers will attempt to repair the bollard on site on that day, however if damage is too substantial or additional parts are required we will return it to our workshop for a in-depth inspection and repair. 

We will source any like for like parts needed, all repairs will be carried out by our fully qualified engineers ensuring a proper repair service.   

Bollard Servicing

We provide bollard servicing to help maintain your security bollards in its optimum condition, giving you peace of mind and longer lasting protection. Our service engineers will make certain that existing bollards remain operational and in a good working condition. 

We offer a variety of servicing options, from a one off service visit where we will service the bollard at your request, or an ongoing service contract where we will visit and service the bollard once every 6 months. 

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