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Magnet Schultz Ltd are solenoid specialists and we have a comprehensive selection of solenoids, including:

  • Linear open frame solenoids
  • Linear enclosed tubular solenoids
  • Rotary solenoids
  • Electromagnets
  • Shotbolts and locks
  • Latching solenoids and many more

Magnet Schultz Ltd is a leader in the design and development of special-purpose electric locking & holding mechanisms and bespoke electromagnet assemblies for a broad range of demanding applications. As solenoid specialists we have unequalled knowledge and design expertise which helps to eliminate the risks and costs of in-house solenoid development projects.

Linear Solenoids

Magnet Schultz Ltd has a wide range of linear solenoids. Our selection of linear solenoids includes: high performance solenoids, encapsulated solenoids, box-frame miniature solenoids, U frame solenoids and many more.

We offer a unique total service that extends from concept to prototype to production. Our services and solenoid products are backed by a proven reputation for quality and on-time delivery.

Linear Solenoids

Rotary Solenoids

Magnet Schultz Ltd has a comprehensive selection of rotary solenoids. We can supply long life rotary solenoids, high torque rotary solenoids, fast-acting rotary solenoids and GDR proportional rotary solenoids.

Our rotary solenoids are used in a whole host of markets including: security, transport, medical & pharmaceutical, marine, fire, industrial control, automotive and aerospace.

Rotary Solenoids

Shotbolts and Locks

Magnet Schultz Ltd offers a wide selection of shotbolts and locks including, miniature shotbolt solenoids, weatherproof shotbolt locks, heavy duty shotbolts and many more.

Our solenoid expertise has led to the creation of technologically advanced products such as ATEX certified shotbolts, patented locks for high security cabinets, special purpose electric gate locks, plus innovative degaussing and actuation control solutions to optimise performance.

Shotbolts and Locks

Miniature solenoids

Magnet Schultz Ltd offers four different varieties of miniature solenoids:

  • Miniature shotbolt solenoids
  • Miniature solenoids
  • Miniature U-frame solenoids
  • Box-frame miniature solenoids
Miniature solenoids

Latching Solenoids

Magnet Schultz Ltd has a wide selection of latching solenoids including: miniature solenoids, GDR proportional rotary solenoids, miniature latching solenoids and electro-permanent magnets.

Our latching solenoids are used in a wide range of industries and for a whole host of applications.

Latching Solenoids
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