Magnetic Separations Ltd


Magnetic Separations Ltd. is a long established and successful UK manufacturer and supplier of magnetic and sensor based separation equipment to the food\drink and recycling industry. With over 40 years experience we pride ourselves on providing the right solution, at the right price for various applications including:

Food/Drink Industry

Magnetic Separations Ltd. is a leading UK manufacturer of magnetic separators for the food and drinks processing industries. All products engineered and fabricated in the UK to the highest standards and custom designs are welcomed for specialist applications and difficult installations.

Our product range includes:

Magnetic Recycling Equipment

STEINERT GMBH manufacture and supply magnetic and sensor based separation\sorting equipment for the recycling industry. STEINERT GMBH is renowned and recognized worldwide as being "the most cost effective and efficient solution in the long run" for metal recovery and reduction. Please visit

Our product range includes:

  • Eddy current separators - Patented design!
  • Induction Sorting System - ALL METAL SEPARATORS
  • Near-Infrared-Sorting-System
  • Electro\Permanent drum magnets
  • Overband magnets & pulleys
  • Wet drum separators
  • Colour Sorting Systems
  • Magnetic Head Pulley
  • Suspension Magnet
  • High Gradient Magnetic Separator
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