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We have over 50 years of experience and knowledge in producing magnetic shields and shielding. We have the largest stock of shielding in Europe. We are registered to IS0 9001 2008 and our magnetic shield products can be supplied with complete certificates and conformity on request

We are one of the leading manufacturers of magnetic shields and shielding components. We can also supply soft magnetic alloy sheet materials. We can supply Mu metal many different gauges and sheet form and a variety of gauges in foils.

As well as magnetic shields,we can supply in-house production of fabricated components including final heat treatment.

Mu Metal Shielding Cans

We can offer you a wide selection of Mu metal shielding cans ideal for discrete magnetically shielding components. We have an extensive facility to produce both round and square cornered Mu metal shielding cans,

We can produce Mu metal shielding cans in one-off quantities or in high volume production runs. All our Mu metal shielding cans come with tight fitting lids including custom lead through holes to fit your requirements.

All our Mu metal shielding cans come with full magnetic anneal and are ready for immediate use.

Mu Metal Cores

We can also provide Mu metal cores ideal for a range of applications and uses.

Our Mu metal cores are manufactured in our facility and are heat treated in specialised hydrogen atmosphere heat treatment furnaces. We are able to produce quality Mu metal cores and they are all fully tested before dispatch.

Our Mu metal cores are used in power transmission systems and rail networks for example.

Mu Metal Shielding

We have been producing Mu metal shielding for many years and we gained a great deal of expertise in the production of Mu metal shielding and Mu metal.

As part of our Mu metal shielding service, we can provide the complete solution for your needs including advice, technical advice and design assistance.

Our Mu metal shielding service is usually found in applications in the electronics and automotive sectors and be found in research shields.

Photomultiplier Magnetic Shielding

We can manufacture a wide selection of photomultiplier magnetic shielding as well as scintillation counting tubes.

Our photomultiplier magnetic shielding is designed to be sensitive to external magnetic fields in tapered neck sections. These are designed to maximise the shielding in these areas.

Our photomultiplier magnetic shielding is available in many finishes which depend on your needs. These can range from grained finishes to polished or spray painted.

Cryogenic Magnetic Shielding

We are now able to supply cryogenic magnetic shielding and have spent many years developing our expertise in the process required to develop the low temperature properties.

We have at the moment several cryogenic magnetic shielding projects in progress so please contact us for more detailed information on our service.

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