MAGRO Verbindungselemente GmbH


The best connections in the world!

MAGRO reduces your procurement costs for industrial connecting parts, provides a service and offers expert technical and logistical advice.

The MAGRO factory network brings together the expertise of producers and contractors across Europe. With detailed technical and logistical advice, we offer our customers sustainable advantages in cutting costs in the procurement sector.

• Lower procurement costs
• Offers service advantages
• Expert technical and logistical advice
• Fast and flexible

We have developed what began in 2004, with the supply of precision turned parts for car shock absorbers, purposefully and consistently through to the present day. MAGRO supplies a wide range of different industrial connecting elements purely as a service company.

Dirk Grohn, the founder of the medium-sized family-run company, describes the objective of MAGRO connecting elements as follows: “Our strength and efficiency is based on a broad-based international network of partner companies which, with their wide range of production specialities, cover the whole spectrum of CNC processing and much more. MAGRO coordinates, assures quality and provides all the logistics. We call it the MAGRO factory concept. Our customers benefit from significant cost advantages, greater flexibility, reliable quality and worldwide availability.”