Welcome to Maintech, specialist supplier of MRO (maintenance, repair, operations) products and services.

Need absorbents, abrasives, adhesives, lubricants, drill bits, floor or roof coatings or any other product? Would you like expert advice, a detailed specification for a certain job? Can we find a product for you?

Maintech, suppliers of the ITW Dykem® Liquid Marking systems, Dalo®, Texpen®, Brite-Mark®, Rinz Off®, Sudz Off®, Tuf Guy™, Strike Mark™, High Purity, High Temp, Bleed Thru, Cross Check™, Steel Blue and Steel Red, Hi-Spot etc

Maintech specialises brand leaders you can rely on to do the job! Brands such as:

ITW Dymon® - Industrial cleaning products such as Scrubs® waterless hand cleaners, Stainless Steel Scrubs®, Natural Force® foaming degreaser and Scrubs® graffiti and spray paint remover.

Toggler ® Anchor systems - a full range of innovative anchors that really work, you will never use a cheap wall plug again. Snaptoggle® that can hold up to 775kgs in a hollow block wall, Alligator® the only anchor that extrudes the entire length of the screw, Snapskru™ self drilling hollow wall anchors that hold up to 60kgs in 5/8” plasterboard!

Soudal - Sealants and adhesives for construction and maintenance.

ITW Rocol lubricants, Ambersil lubricants and cleaners, WD40, DeWalt, Evostick, Locktite, LockJaw, Knipex and much more.

Maintech searches the world for tools that solve problems; Tools such as LockJaw self adjusting pliers, Mongoose water pump pliers, Holo go through sockets, and your favourites from Lennox, Dormer, Stahlwille, Irwin, Estwing, Marshaltown, Karcher and many more.

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