Majestic Aluminium Anodising Ltd


The electrochemical process anodising produces decorative and durable finishes on items made from aluminium-based alloys and aluminium. When untreated aluminium creates an oxide coating when untreated by coating an aluminium product the coating can be thickened. We can leave the coating, created by sulphuric acid anodising, natural or dye it to create a variety of colours including gold, black, grey, green, blue and red.

Electro Brightening (Brytal)

We offer a whole range of processes in house to make sure that your metal products and components are protected and look good.

Electro brightening (Bytal) is the pre anodised treatment to ensure your component has a super bright finish. We can use the electro brightening (Bytal) treatment on clad metal and pure aluminium.

Chemical Brightening 159

Chemical brightening 159 creates a bright finish. You can vary the look of a product by mixing mechanical textures with the chemical brightening 159 process.

Chemical Brightening 156

If you are in the lighting trade and looking to create a diffused finish then the chemical brightening 156 process will do the job. The chemical brightening 156 treatment can be used with mechanical textures to create varying looks.

Satin Brightening

Satin brightening will give your components a mid-sheen finish. Satin brightening is done in house by our expert staff who, between them, have over 80 years of experience.

Satin Etching

To create a matte finish we use a process called satin etching. The processes we use including satin etching produce long lasting good looks.

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