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At Maktec we provide a specialised diesel and gas engine supervision and consultancy service for MaK, MAN & Jenbacher engines and building and decommissioning power plants worldwide. 


Where state-of-the-art technology combines with years of hands on experience”

Marine Engine Damage Assessment

Should you experience any type of engine failure or fault, our engineers will undertake an engine or system fault assessment they will quickly inspect any removed parts and identify site conditions to create a detailed technical report to highlight the repairs required or options available. From simple fuel contamination to more complicated crankshaft cam wear, our engineers will determine the root cause and deliver the most effective solution to minimise machinery downtime.

As part of our marine engine damage assessment procedure we offer the latest in analytical tools to provide an overview of your engines condition which reduces the risk of failures or major component damage recurring.

We can provide:

  • Laser alignment
  • Replicate sampling
  • Thermography
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Electronic Engine Diagnostics

We offer a senior consultancy service to assist and support you with any insurance claim or risk assessment. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Marine Engine Damage Assessment

Marine Engine Services

At Maktec, we service and maintain all types of marine propulsion, power generation diesel and gas engines. We carry out simple cam bearing changes on a MaK 453 to more complicated Sulzer crankshaft exchanges. We have the ability to work with limited resources in some of the harshest regions and environments.

Our proven track record in the marine industry is testament to our success in providing individual services geared to the demands presented. Though we are known to represent extremely good value in our field, our flexibility in rapidly supervising a project and delivering on time and budget is known at the highest industry levels.

Our diversity means that we will assist with tail shaft or alternator removal, control pipe work remodelling offshore to structural alteration of steel work during engine removal procedures

We adhere to all the engine makers' procedures and follow a strict process of disassembly, measurement, assessment and rebuilding right through to final re-commissioning were we will make sure that your engine performs to the original test bed records were possible.

Contact us for more details.

Diesel Engine Overhaul

Our diesel engine overhaul service includes component remanufacture and servicing to suit OEM specifications.

Through regular services or inspections using the latest engine diagnostic tools, we can provide a clear overview of your engine, quickly identifying problematic areas and improving Quality Assurance (QA) procedures.

The Diesel engine overhaul service has been designed to provide a cost effective solution to extending the service life of high value items including conrods, cylinder heads and pistons.

Our qualified engineers ensure that the maximum efficiency and reliability of your diesel engine is achieved after the engine rebuild is complete by carrying out re-commissioning of the plant at sea or on site.

Please contact us for further information on our range of services available to you. 

Diesel Engine Overhaul


At Maktec, we Consult, Supervise and are very skilled in servicing all types of DIESEL & GAS engines. By using and identifying the latest technologies and backed by a wealth of training and background knowledge this results on our services being used in some of the harshest areas in the world to achieve positive results.

Though we are extremely well known to cover and support  all of the MaK & MAN engine ranges including the older MaK 451 and 551 “which we particularly enjoy working on”.

Our maintenance services start at basic alongside fault inspections to more project orientated and managed repairs to complicated damage assessments for root cause and insurance claim support.

We offer a professional standard to our customers at a rate that allows suitable savings, yet still provides the expertise our clients demand. We are fully committed to carrying out servicing to MaK & MAN engines, but by not being tied to one engine maker or agreement, we are able to provide a much more flexible service geared to all other engine makes and types as required.

"At Maktec, although we live and breathe MaK engines” we consult on all types of machinery service, failure or repair.

Call us today with your request and we will be more than happy to assist.



Working to strict engine maker's tolerances and procedures, our engineers will fully inspect the component parts removed during the work scope and on completion will re-commission a reliable and efficient engine ready for service.

Our services have been called to many MAN MC Series engines from such companies including, Bernard Schulte Ship Management, ASP Ship Management, V Ships etc.

All maintenance items are included from:


  • Attending pressure testing of the intercoolers and cylinder covers for class recertification.
  • Lifting of crosshead, main and bottom end bearings for survey and inspection.
  • Supervision of the removal and transport of fuel pumps to a specialised workshop and the checking of all internal parts for wear and serviceability.
  • Inspection of the reversing cam for fracture or excessive wear.
  • Visual checking of the scavenge space for broken ring sections, liner wear and piston ring and groove conditions, as well as the freedom of the flap valves.


We follow OEM manual procedures and correct safety management systems, whilst using our own expertise and training, to drastically reduce commercial losses and provide rapid flexibility to any changes within a project. Working with our clients we ensure both time scales and demands are met in the most cost effective way, from consultancy of repairs to engine performance testing and recording.


Please call or send your enquires with your requirements to



At Maktec, we work on all ranges of Sulzer two and four stroke engines, from the smallest S20 generators and ZAL40 main engines to the largest RTAs.

We have been involved in the common ovality of S20 conrods and journals, to more technical repairs of changing crankshafts in service to investigating rotating piston gear teeth fractures and valve seat inserts on the ZA types.

Maktec engineers have suitable experience to excel in any task given and we pride ourselves in proactively supervising projects or contracts to save our customers time and money, without cutting corners.

We carry out technical training on site or on-board into correct maintenance practices and wear item identification, which in the past has led to greater personal safety and increased vessel and company productivity.

We look forward to receiving your enquiry and being of service in the near future.



Although we focus our skills and experience on MaK engines, we are called upon to attend all engine makes including the largest two stroke versions and gas derivatives.

We carry out projects as varied as crankshaft exchanges on Wartsila R32s at sea, fault finding on Woodward governor controls and investigating failures of cam bearing and alignment of gear drives on W6L32 engines to our continued investigations into 200 and 220 crankshaft failures.

"By Maktec attending your Wartsila engine, you can be assured that you're in the hands of experts" who will quickly identify the correct procedures, the specialised tools required and proactively

monitor projects to speed up rebuild or servicing programs. Maktec Marine goes from strength to strength, as we carry out on-going project surveys on MAN 35 ,50 ,75 98 MCs, Alco, GE, cylinder head servicing, MaK, Daihatsu cylinder entablature changes ,Chris Marine machining.

Call us today for more details of our services and we will show you that we mean business.


Marine Engine Installation

At Maktec, we install and commission new and reconditioned plant to exacting standards in accordance with all of the latest safety and environmental guidelines. We have been involved in numerous projects including emergency power pack supply to allow vessels and power stations UPS facilities and continued operation, to the removal and installation of whole propulsion systems.

Our installations are fully supported by feasibility studies or risk assessments to highlight project variations and costs impacts and further covered by our comprehensive insurance and guarantee policy which gives our customers total confidence in our services.


"We provide the power where and when it's needed, with the urgency demanded"


Our Installation service covers engine removal and refitting after major component failures and the supply of replacement machinery to the customers design parameters. This process includes re-alignment and foundation assessment if required, to conform to the engine makers' data sheet and tolerance values.

We specialise in major crankshaft damages and have completed courses in Geislinger and Metaldyne dampers, ensuring we are conversant and qualified to check crankshaft condition and serviceability.

Please call or send your enquires with your requirements.

Diesel Engine Services

Maktec Marine engineers perform trouble shooting and investigation services as part of our attendance if requested. We will provide you with a root cause diagnosis of faults observed and suggest the best practice to stop or reduce damages reoccurring. Issues may be as simple as the fuel preparation being incorrect, to more complicated harmonic influences and main bearing deflection irregularities from material failure.

Our skilled engineers will look at all aspects of your machinery and site conditions to provide you with suitable and factual based action plan, backed by a full technical report on completion.

We use the latest in electronic diagnostic equipment to rapidly identify operational instabilities and if required adjust the unit balances during operations. We work in accordance with the engine makers' test bed sheets to ensure each machine runs efficiently and reliably. We work on a large number of internationally and UK made engines including but not limited to.

  • MaK
  • MAN
  • Sulzer
  • Wartsila
  • Pielstick
  • Daihatsu
  • Yanmar
  • Alco
  • Allen
  • Bergen

For more information on any of our services please contact us.


Diesel Engine Services

Marine Diesel Engine Specialists

Maktec engineers are from the marine or power generation industry or factory trained and know that the small adjustments made to an engine during its service or repair make it more reliable and efficient. They will ensure that your engine is correctly inspected and that parts are fitted to the makers' tolerances and specifications. On completion your engine will be ready for service after only a short running in period to bed-in the piston rings to help to reduce oil consumption and allow any new bearings fitted to re-settle.

With fuel being a major cost to companies, efficiency is now key to our customers work scopes & requirements.

We achieve this by using OEM parts and taking operational data to analyse trends and system irregularities, such as poor turbo charger performance, scavenge pressures, thermal heat balances etc.

From your initial call, we offer an extremely professional service geared to getting your machine running as quickly as possible, at the lowest cost

Call us today for more details of our services and we will show you that we mean business.

MAK Engine Spares

We supply and deliver MAK engine spares worldwide for the following models:


  • 281AK
  • M35
  • 282AK
  • 331AK
  • 32AK
  • 451
  • 452
  • 453
  • 453C
  • 551
  • 552C
  • 601
  • M20
  • M25
  • M32
  • M43

We ensure that you receive the correct engine spares for your machine, at a time scale and cost that suits you. Your enquiries will be dealt with promptly and regular updates on the progress in finding the parts you require will be given. Having a network of trusted suppliers and repair facilities ensures parts and components are sourced quickly or reconditioned to suit your budget and allow rapid turnarounds. From cylinder head cast iron repairs to piston groove machining, we have proved that by correct inspection and assessment processes, we can repair most items.

We care about our customers and look forward to your enquiry.

Diesel & Gas Engine Services

Our team of highly experienced engineers specialise in providing supervision and service, full engine performance testing, surveying and recording of all types of diesel & gas two and four stroke diesel engines

Maktec engineers have specific expertise and experience in but not limited to:

  • Cylinder head and piston repairs
  • Main bearing exchanges
  • Crankshaft removals
  • Damper inspections
  • Unit surveys
  • General maintenance
  • Trouble shooting


On arrival to your site or vessel, we will quickly inspect your machinery, any ancillary equipment or control module and systematically identify the fault or your maintenance requirements.

We have the ability to work on all types of engines such as the 48/60 to the smaller 23/30 generators, as we have a thorough understanding of the specialised tools and procedures to follow. We also carry out riding squad routine maintenance and crankshaft exchanges in service, which results in reduced down time and allows continued operations.

Please call us for more information on our services and prices.

Gas Engines

Due the growth in fuel efficient and reliable natural gas engines Maktec has been involved at the highest level of project cooperation in use of these types of machines in the supply of power to the UK and worldwide,

With engines such as Jenbacher, Cummins, Wartsila, Bergen etc we continue to identify the best options for our customers and support the ongoing projects knowing they are making a major difference to the environment.

Maktec Marine is more than ready to meet the future needs of the industries and the restrictions being placed upon it by proactively identifying alternative fuels and dual fuel technologies.

“By following the latest cutting edge developments we broaden our experience base on a daily basis”

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Mak Diesel Engine Service

Maktec is a world renowned name in MaK diesel engine service and repair.

We provide our customers with a cost effective and flexible alternative to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) as we are not restricted by one type or brand of engine due to license agreements.

As specialists in MaK engine servicing, we are proud that our name has become synonymous with delivering an outstanding and timely service at a fraction of the cost of many other operators a fraction of the cost of many other operators.

For optimum efficiency and reliability on all our projects, we work to the engine manufacturers’ required tolerances and procedures, adhering with all required policies to ensure your machinery is repaired or rebuilt as specifications direct.

Our impressive level of customer retention demonstrates our outstanding service levels and our expertise in:

  • Investigation and Troubleshooting
  • Project Management
  • Servicing and Repairs
  • Performance Analysis
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Emergency response
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