Malcolm Ross and Sons Ltd


Malcolm Ross and Sons Ltd was established in 1834, and is now in its sixth generation of expertise in the technical, industrial yarn and fibre sector.

  • Monofilament & fibrillated yarn in polypropylene, polyethylene and polyamide.
  • Textured, Regular and High Tenacity in polyester, nylon, polypropylene & cotton.
  • Nylon cords, medical threads, teabag thread, ripcord yarn and indentification threads.
  • Aramid, industrial fibres & fibre optics.

Malcolm Ross & Sons Ltd also has a packaging section that supplies protective packaging throughout the industry.

  • Edge protection for furniture, pallets and strapping
  • Netting: protective sleeves, security, horticultural
  • Desiccant products
  • Metalplast & portable hand stitchers
  • Packaging threads for industrial stitchers

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