Malham Lighting Design Ltd

MALHAM LIGHTING DESIGN LTD has been involved in the design and manufacture of specialist lighting for the leisure and entertainment industries for over 40 years. During this period we have been commissioned to supply lighting solutions for many prestigious and award-winning contracts in environments such as hotels, nightclubs and restaurants, but including those as diverse as royal aircraft, cruise liners and cathedrals.

MLD have worked in co-operation with many architects and designers, enabling their concepts to be realised as practical lighting schemes. Given outline plans for a project, MLD can produce detailed fully-scheduled lighting designs using the latest CAD facilities. Bespoke light fittings for particular architectural requirements are often a feature of these contracts. Our design experience encompasses everything from individual light fittings to massive hydraulic lighting rigs with many complex moving sections.

This online catalogue features our range of architectural light fittings and control equipment, successfully used in contracts and installations worldwide.
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