Manchester Automatic Machining Co Ltd


With over 60 years of experience, we have been regularly machining repetition turned parts for a range of industries that use unfamiliar alloy materials.

Our repetition turned parts have included needle valve and ball valve parts for the oil and gas industry produced to withstand petrochemicals. 


Brass CNC Machining

Our brass CNC machining capabilities enable us to manufacture a wide variety of precision brass components. These parts are produced using our automatic and semi-automatic brass CNC machines.

Our selections of brass turned components are supplied to suit the needs of our customers and can be produced to specification. We provide brass casting, brass fasteners, brass anchors, brass clamps, brass connectors, brass pressed parts, brass nuts, and brass rivets. 

Brass CNC Machining

CNC Machined Parts & Components

Since our founding in 1947, MAM Engineering has been a family-run, precision engineering company based in Manchester. We have built on our 60 years of experience to manufacture CNC machined parts and components, turned parts and precision engineering components.

We have a long-standing clientele and are proud of our unrivaled reputation for delivering high quality and quick CNC machined parts and components to companies across the UK and to a range of industry sectors.

We continually invest in innovative technology and combine it with traditional methods. This means our engineers produce the highest quality components to our clients at competitive prices.

Our current multi-axis sliding head CNC machines allow us to manufacture complex components and eliminate secondary operations. Our machines mean that we benefit short set-up times for short production runs. They mean we can keep our prices down on high-volume, turned components.

We also provide a service you can turn to for advice, development and prototyping. We work closely with you to turn your ideas into reality.

CNC Machined Parts & Components

Precision Turned Parts

We are incredibly proud of our ability to supply precision turned parts to companies across the UK. We have been doing so for over half a century. With the capability to machine precision turned parts quickly, efficiently and accurately, we are the ideal place to come for all your turned part requirements.

We offer 24-hour unmanned machines. We can manufacture cost effective components to a range of industry sectors including the food industry, electronics, medical transport, energy, MOD, construction, textile, display, lighting and agriculture.

If you are looking for specialist low volume parts for a prototype development, we can assist you. Or if high volume manufacturing is what you need, our services can be offered tailored to your requirements.

We have the most cost effective and comprehensive precision turning service in the UK ready to help you. 

Precision Turned Parts

Precision Engineers

We are very passionate about precision engineering and continually invest in the best machinery, and importantly, invest in the best precision engineers. Being a precision engineer requires a huge amount of skill and motivation. We only employ the best. That is why we are the industry leaders in precision turned parts.

We provide a friendly and flexible service using the most advanced and innovative technology. Combining our precision engineers' experience and latest technology, we are able us to provide high quality and accurate components with a high turnaround speed.

Our expertise can be utilised by a range of industries and we believe that we can confidently offer our services to all sectors.

Precision Engineers
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