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Manuscripti can scan virtually any book to a very high quality. Using our unique DigibookTMtechnology books of almost unlimited size can be scanned without resulting in any damage to the book. We can scan books in binary (black and white), greyscale and colour, as TIF or JPG formats.


Our special book cradles mean there is no pressure on the spine of the book during scanning, the scanner lighting is non-destructive, and the scanner head scans the book without touching - it thus avoiding any damage or pressure.


The digitised pages can then be used for printing facsimiles, archiving, indexing, creating virtual books, uploading on to the internet, or just stored somewhere safe on DVD, CD, data cartridge, or external USB hard disc drive.


Once you have the digital pages, the original books can be safely stored away to prevent loss or damage from excessive handling.

Cemeteries And Crematoria maps

Manuscripti assists Cemeteries and Crematoria with conserving their burial record documents. These can be used for archiving purposes, integration into new or existing management systems, and providing databases for public access, in order that they can respond better to the growing interest in family history research and generate revenue from it.


In response to this, Manuscripti and Gower Consultants have created a new online service called Deceased Online. Any council or organisation that has registers, indexes and/or cemetery and crematorium records can have their information accessible through Deceased Online, and generate income from them. Gower Consultants have been providing software solutions to bereavement departments of local authorities for over 20 years.


Virtual Books

Rare books that are unique, fragile and valuable are often very difficult to access, particularly for the general public. Manuscripti has developed a solution for every owner of rare, unique books and manuscripts. We can scan your rare book and provide you with a virtual, page turning, facsimile version that allows public access to the book via the internet, touch screen exhibition consoles or from an interactive CD or DVD. By presenting the virtual book on screen you can make material that is too fragile or too valuable available to a larger public, while the original is safely stored.

Register Scanning

Having scanned your books, maps, documents and other unique information, Manuscripti can prepare the scans for use on the internet.


Since the advent of the internet, people around the world have been using it to trace their family history. These searches are time consuming and often hampered by limited availability of certain data. In response to this an online service, allowing web users to freely search through basic details and elect to pay for the ease of access to further information has been developed by us in a joint venture with Gower Consultants, and can be found at


Throughout the world, councils are the guardians of much treasured demographic data in the form of cemetery maps and registers, poll-books and much more. These records are often unique and very old and fragile, and the searches into them tie-up significant council resources and pose a certain preservation risk. Any council or organisation that has registers, indexes and or cemetery and crematoria records can have their information made publicly accessible through Deceased Online.

Register Scanning

Data Management Services

With our scanning service we provide a basic data management service through logical folder structure and the use of conventional naming practices. For some projects this may not provide enough flexability and a Data Management System may be required to assist the organisation of the documents and records. We can supply Data Management Systems at multiple levels of complexity to suit your budget and needs.


Crematorium and Cemetery Data Management - Working closely with Gower Consultants Ltd, Crematorium and Cemetery Management System specialists, we can provide a customised and innovative business solution for Registration, Cremation and Burial Authorities.


We can also prepare images for other Data Management Systems.

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