Manutech Europe


Manutech Europe

Manutech Europe was established in 1986 and was acquired by Manutech Inc in 2005. The company has steadily grown as a centre of excellence in the production of pi-filters, capacitor arrays, Inductors, and filtered connectors.  In May 2010 Ferroperm UK changed its trading name to 'Manutech Europe' and now represent the interests of all the group of companies within the Manutech organisation.

Current Transformers

Manutech Europe offers an extensive selection of current sensors, current transformers, rogowski coils, flexible core, split-core current transformers and more.

Whatever you need to get your job done the right way, we can provide for your requirements.

Power Supplies

The home of 30 years experience in the design and manufacturing of DC/DC converters, amplifiers, and a variety of image and signal processors. We are proud to deliver products to the most demanding industrial customers, worldwide.

Our high-reliability components and subsystems have been used in multiple industries, including:

Computers & Communication
Aerospace & defense
Electric Power Utility
Industrial Automation
Medical Device

We offer both standard and custom products and we specialize in products that cannot be delivered cost-effectively by suppliers of "off the shelf" components.

Inductors, Coils and Chokes

Our wide product range includes:

RF Suppression chokes
General Purpose Inductors
SMD Power Inductors
Toroidal Inductors
Common Mode Chokes
Single Line Suppression Chokes
Interference Suppression Chokes
High Current inductors
High Q flatpack inductors

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