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The advantages of MAPLAN Rubber Injection Moulding Systems are in the technical details. The partnership with our customers is the base for common success. If you would like to be a part of this, please contact us or inform yourself by clicking through our WEBSITE to access the worldwide marketing network of MAPLAN, special features of MAPLAN Rubber Injection Moulding Machines plus many other topics. Decide for yourself if we can be your partner for Rubber Injection Moulding Systems.

Injection Units

The Maplan FIFO rubber injection unit has been proven for many years and is still the unsurpassed component of Maplan rubber injection moulding machines. Decisive advantages lie in the brilliant simplicity of their structure, and the performance and accuracy of the system. The Maplan FIFO rubber injection unit allows an injection pressure of up to 2,500 bar on the tool with the aid of an extremely short nozzle and minimal pressure drop.

Vertical Rubber injection moulding machines

The MAPLAN vertical machines are qualified to produce all kinds of rubber mould types, especially rubber combination parts like rubber/metal parts. Via using appropriate peripheral equipments, for instance shuttle systems, it is possible to automate the extracting process of the rubber parts.

Ergonomic injection machines

The new “ergo” machine series is ground-breaking in production of high-precision parts in manual or fully-automated configuration. It is the original MAPLAN FIFO rubber injection unit and is available in classic or ergonomic version with a full hydraulic clamping unit and ergonomic working height.

Horizontal injection moulding Machines

Rubber injection moulding machines for the production of o-rings and sealing elements in fully automatic production; highest accuracy and efficiency, low maintenance

C-frame Machines

The reliable compact tiebarless small machine in c-frame design for small batch production and corner vulcanisation

LIM injection moulding machines

Injection moulding machines for processing liquid silicones, highest product quality, user friendly, low maintenance

LIM injection moulding machines for liquid silicone applications

TPE injection moulding machines

Injection moulding machines for processing thermoplastic Elastomers, highest product quality, user friendly, low maintenance

Wickert Presstech

We are a globally active provider of presses, press systems and services covering every aspect of the manufacturing of moulded parts.

Kraiburg Compounds

Since 1947, Gummiwerk KRAIBURG has been a manufacturer of top quality technical rubber compounds. The company currently employs about 400 people and produces a larger range of compounds than any other compounder in Europe. Our technically advanced compounds are used in the automotive industry, for rubberised rollers of any type and a number of other industrial applications including machine production and construction. KRAIBURG compounds are also widely used for drinking water systems and in the food processing industry

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