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Based in Bristol, we provide civil engineering solutions to the South West of England and Wales. At Maralan, we provide building and civil engineering services for a diverse range of projects in commercial, local authority and retail sectors. Please visit our website for more information.

Sustainable Building

We are very conscious of the environmental impact of certain civil engineering projects. We conduct our business in such a way to reduce environmental impacts. Through a process we call sustainable building, we deliver environmental solutions for our clients. It is important to us that our sustainable building and civil works benefit the wider community and the environment in which we work and live.

Sustainable Drainage Systems

In line with initiative guidelines, we install a number of sustainable drainage systems. With an eye on water management, these sustainable methods include a combination of flow control devices, attenuation tanks, and separators/interceptors.

The benefits of sustainable drainage systems include reducing the risk of floods, maintaining manageable flow rates and minimising pollution from silt, oil and fuel.

Waste Disposal

We take an active role in waste disposal by attempting to reduce the amount and soils that are excavated. We try to reuse the materials on site reducing the amount of waste.

To further enhance waste disposal, we encourage the use of recycled aggregates from local sources. We are willing to work with clients to suggest cost-effective alternatives to freshly quarried material.


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