Mariner Systems (UK) Ltd

What We Do

Testing to achieve Type Approval of marine products and equipment.
Testing not only for marine products but for products and equipment destined for non-marine applications.

For all your testing requirements, the Mariner Systems UK Environmental Test Laboratory now offers you:

* Enhanced test capablity for both marine and non-marine applications.
* Pre-complience testing for EMC, Vibration, Shock Salt mist and many other tests.
* Engineering support at the design stage.
* Faster throughput at very competitive prices.
* Type-approvals with 10 of the major marine Classification Societies -

o  (ABS)
o  (BV)
o  (CCS)
o  (DNV)
o  (GL)
o  (KR)
o  (LR)
o  (NKK)
o  (PRS)
o  (RINa)

Within Mariner Systems, customer service is a priority.
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