Market Makers


The first of a new generation of telemarketing and telesales agencies delivering targeted lead generation and appointment setting for growing businesses in the UK.

We work with results driven businesses, which have identified that specialist telemarketing is the most effective way to deliver increased revenue.

As part of the Market Makers service, we offer you:

  • Your own dedicated account manager
  • A specialist telemarketing team trained on your industry
  • Full transparency and reporting of your telemarketing campaigns' performance and statistics
  • An interactive online diary system for your sales team
  • A fully UK based telemarketing service - we do not subcontract
  • Databases profiled to target your customer base
  • An industry leading telemarketing service

With the skill and experience to deliver the right results from any business-to- business campaign, Market Makers will maximise your telesales profitability, productivity and telemarketing success.

If you're interested in creating opportunities for additional income and working with a market leading telemarketing company with proven results then talk to Market Makers.

Who We Are

To say that Market Makers is unique would be, at best, a cliché.

There are endless telemarketing companies in the UK claiming to be 'unique', but the truth is that on the surface we are all pretty much the same. Yet that is where the similarities end.

We, like all the others provide lead and appointment generation through telemarketing.

We are, however, smarter at how we do this and better at delivering you significant results that meet your exact telemarketing requirements.

A bold statement to make I know, but dig a little deeper into Market Makers telemarketing and you will see exactly why we are confident enough to claim this.

If there's one thing we have taken from our telemarketing experience over the years, it's the understanding that the two most important things to you are results and communication. So every single aspect of your telemarketing campaign is tailor-made to provide you with exactly that.

We won't make empty promises of grand results if we are not positive we can live up to them.

What We Do For You

Does your business rely on face 2 face sales?

Does your business model require you or your sales team to meet with prospective clients?

If yes, then you will appreciate the importance of maximising your time in front of customers.

Well so do we, and that's why we have designed an impressive and totally interactive diary system for you and your sales team to work with.

Simply tell us when, where and how often, and we will ensure you or your sales team are provided with hot, fresh business appointments at times and locations that coordinate perfectly with your existing commitments.

What We Do For You

Our Promise To You

At Market Makers we live and breathe intelligence-led telemarketing.

As an agency built with direct marketers at the heart, we believe that telemarketing is not a job that simply starts and finishes with someone talking on the phone. High return telemarketing involves market analysis and target profiling, expert data sourcing, results-focused analysis and reporting and, most importantly, continual assessment and enhancing.

Our persistent focus is on taking a profession that historically has a bad reputation, and completely spinning it on its head. Through our staff, systems and results we can demonstrate that outbound telemarketing can be the most targeted, adaptable and profitable form of business generation within the marketing mix.

But what does this mean for you?

Well, it means that your business is in the hands of a telemarketing company that views success and failure of a campaign very differently to other agencies. The general industry norm is to class a telemarketing campaign as successful if the
agency has reached the targeted level of performance agreed at the start. Then what you achieve from those leads becomes irrelevant.

Well, this isn't good enough for us, and we know it's not good enough for you

Our Promise To You

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