Markfield Plastics Ltd.


Markfield Plastics specialise in the following:

Vacuum & Thermo Forming Blisters
Polyurethane Casting
Point Of Sale
Heat Bending & Assembly
Suppliers to the Cosmetic Trade & MOD.
Polyurethane Casting:
Casting availabilities to mould any size casting any shape and form.
Hot air welding of plastics, solvent welding and ultrasonic welding capabilities.

We also work with celluloid nitrate, and acetone materials with over 30 years experience with this material.

We produce lids and shives for the cosmetic industry, sizes ranging from 10ml to 300ml in any plastic film and colour 200 microns and upwards.

Vacuum & Thermo Forming:
We have 3 manual and 2 automatic vacform machines, with the capacity to vacform up to 700mm x 1200mm sheets 4mm thick.

Heat Bending & Assembly:
We heatbond plastic sheets up to 10 thick with 1000 x 2000 being the biggest size to date, all finished and assembled to customer requirements.

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