Marsh Bellofram Europe Ltd


The Precision Controls Division (PCD) of Marsh Bellofram specializes in the design and manufacture of :

Air and gas pressure regulators


Servo pressure regulators

I/P's and E/P's

Analog circuit card pressure transducers and regulators

Diaphragm air cylinders

All PCD products are ideal for use in enviroments where high performance and accuracy are of utmost concern as they offer precision control, high accuracy, maximum stability, large flow and exhust capabilities.

Industrial Gas, Steam and Liquid Regs

The BelGAS Division of the Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies is known for its high-quality, accuracy and dependability within critical applications, making it a global leader in design and manufacture of pressure regulators.

Visit our website for more details on the following -

High and low pressure regulators

General purpose gas regulators

Back pressure relief regulators

Flow controllers

Manifold Systems

Instrument air regulators

Gauge thermometers


Needle valves

Electronic products for oil, gas and petrochemical

Gas regulation

Industrial Gas, Steam and Liquid Regs


Bellofram have been providing quality diaphragms to the industry for over 50 years, seeing over one billion diaphragms being used successfully throughout the world.

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Specialty Silicone Products

Bellofram Silicones are a division of the Bellofram Group of Companies and a member of the Bellofram Elastomers group.

To find out more about closed cell silicone sponge and solid silicone extruded products, Bellofoam silicone sponge, rubber sheeting and compression molding, or to buy silicone sponge sheeting, extrusion or cord, visit our website and contact us for a free product sample or quotation.

Specialty Silicone Products

Pressure Instruments and Gauges

Marsh Instruments design, manufacture and supply high quality pressure gauges and thermometers.

Visit our website where you will find more information on:

Diaphragm Gauges

Diaphragm Seals

Digital Pressure Indicatiors

Filter, Regulator, Lubricator

General Service Gauges


Precision Service Gauges

Process Gauges

Special Application Gauges

Temperature Instruments

Pressure Instruments and Gauges
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