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MARTEC adds value to clients’ production lines by offering integrated Product Recovery (pigging) Solutions, which can be purchased as a complete package or in separate affordable modules as required.
MARTEC works in partnership with its clients to:
• Produce the Process & Instrumentation Drawing (P&ID)
• Write the Functional Design Specification (FDS)
• Design and specify the unit processes and interconnection pipe
• Design, specify and validate “Clean in Place” systems
• Agree a “User Requirement Specification”
• Design and specify Tubular Heat Exchangers for rapid heat or cool products
• Design and supply Product Recovery or Pipe Cleaning Solutions
MARTEC delivers process improvements that:
• Increase the rate at which product is filled
• Reduce waste and the cost of treatment and/or disposal
• Allow hot or cold fill to be undertaken, without compromising yields
• Enable CIP of existing or new process equipment and pipework
• Reduce changeover times between batches
• Increase the utilisation of the production line and man power
• Reduce your carbon footprint
Project Management
MARTEC’s Project Management Team includes:
• Project Managers and Project Engineers
• Food Technologists/Process Design Engineers
• Mechanical Design
MARTEC’s state of the art ‘Product Recovery Solutions’ are re-establishing pigging as a viable method of recovering product and reducing waste in the UK, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
Innovative process design, high-efficiency product recovery and intelligent project management provide our clients with a cost effective package which impacts directly on their profitability.
MARTEC systems have been commissioned by a diverse range of companies, which include:

English Provender, Premier Foods, Gordon Fine Foods, A leading multination pet food manufacturer, PZ Cussons, Robert McBride, Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK), DDD Pharmaceutical, Mars, Remploy, Colgate Palmolive, APV, Boots Contract Manufacturing, BCH Coates, S&W Process Engineering, Briggs of Burton, Daniel Thwaites, Moody Systems, Greencore Grocers, Glenmorangie, Chivas Regal, McCormick Europe, Nestlé, Nestlé Purina, Faccenda, Northern Foods and F Duerrs & Sons.

MARTEC also work with and support a number of integrators and equipment suppliers who now recognise and recommend our Product Recovery Solutions as the industry standard:

BCH Coates, S&W Process Engineering, Briggs of Burton, Moodys, EIS, A&i Process Systems, ESP, Tetra Pak, Flo-Mech, Excel, F.P.E. (Food Processing Equipment UK Ltd), Industrial Trading Solutions


Recovering Lost Profit

Market Applications for Martec's Products and Services

Martec puts considerable time and effort into developing the “Product Recovery Solutions” (pigging systems) and services we supply are tailored to our customer’s individual needs and requirements.

Our customer focused approach is dedicated to ensuring we provide Martec “Product Recovery Solutions” which are readily integrated and add value to the production, transfer and recovery of liquid products and the cleaning of pipe lines post product transfer (Clean in Place).

We now offer heat exchangers with an integral product recovery system to heat or rapidly cool products prior to filling.

Martec’s Unique Sales Proposition is to work with manufacturers or integrators to help them identify how we can reduce the capital expenditure and operating costs of new or existing production facilities, and thereby improve the profitability of the overall manufacturing operations.

Market applications for our Prodcut Recvoery Solutions include:

Food & Beverages Market

Martec has added to its impressive list of blue chip customers and received repeat orders from its existing customer base. We have now supplied additional process and product recovery solutions to companies that include English Provender Company, Premier Foods, Greencore Grocers, Gordon Fine Foods, McCormick Europe, Nestlé, Nestlé Purina, Faccenda, Northern Foods, etc

Gordon Fine Foods – Martec was retained by Gordon Fine Foods to help them produce the Functional Design Specification used to specify all aspects relating to the process and mechanical design of transferring a range of high value pastes, preserves and chutney’s, recovering them after product transfer and cleaning the inter connecting pipe connecting their new DC Norris Cooking Kettles via a flowplate to either one two fillers.

Martec worked very closely with the all the stakeholders to ensure all the unit processes specified and the operation of these could be integrated with each other. This included developing the Process & Instrumentation Drawing used to define the production process and specifying the operating duties of the unit process.

To help maximise yields and reduce the amount of cleaning between product changeovers, an automatic a Martec Product Recovery Solution was integrated in to the product line used to transfer products from either one of two kettles through a 2½” jacketed pipe and flow plate to either a Rigs Autopack Filler or relocated Filler.

Martec’s scope of supply also included specifying Gordon Fine Foods User Requirement Specification used to transfer product from the kettles, recover it, and then, when required, clean the pipe runs.

McCormick Europe – Product Recovery is again being used by McCormick after pigging had been abandoned. Martec worked very closely with McCormick and the different equipment suppliers to ensure the product recovery solution offered was readily integrated into the production and cleaning practices used to transfer a variety of products form the new Scania Mixers through to the Hot Hold tank located ahead of the Heat Exchangers and Fillers.

 A specific requirement McCormick of the design offered by Martec was to permits the CIP solutions used to clean the product pipe line to be introduced through the Launch Station.

Premier Foods – Martec has worked with Premier Foods to help with the design of pipe runs, the transfer of products and its recovery after product transfer, and the cleaning of pipe runs after product recovery. Martec supplied the Product Recovery Systems and other ancillary items to enable product to be recovered from anyone of six kettles via a Flow Plates to one of three filling lines.

Premier Foods now operate a number of 3” Martec Product Recovery Systems which are being used to recovery sauces, chutneys, pastes and pickles.

Because of improved reliability and operational efficiency of these systems, they have been used to recover products from both BCH and Giusti Kettles and to replace conventional pigging systems.

Greencore –a new high speed cooking line was installed by Moody Systems at Greencore Selby using a tubular heat exchanger to produce a variety of sauces. To help improve yields and the operational efficiency of this new line, a Dual 2½” Martec Product Recovery Solution was installed by Moody Systems in preference to a conventional pigging system. The first Marplug is used to remove the hot water with product once the Heat Exchanger has been brought up to temperature. A second Marplug is used to recover product at the end of the cooking run.

The commissioning the new “state of the art Heat Exchanger” with the integrated Dual Marplug Product Recovery System at Greencore took less than days, nearly a week and a half quicker than a conventional pigging system!

Nestlé Purina - Martec were approached by S & W Process Engineering when they were contracted by Nestle Purina to install a new cooking process located remotely from the point of use, and to make sure that the transfer lines between the two locations did not generate yield loss.

In the past S&W had used air purge systems to try and recover product in long delivery lines, but they knew that in this case, something more advanced would be required – the lines were more than 120m long, and needed to be contained within high level pipe routes, so access for manual interventions was all but impossible.

S & W Process Engineering therefore needed a system that was ultra-reliable, secure, automated, and CIP compatible. Martec were identified as a supplier capable of meeting these challenges. Not only did the Martec system have a unique patented plug that gave excellent pipe cleaning, but the flexible vanes allowed us to use standard radius bends and normal fabrication techniques. This made the installation neater, faster, and more cost effective than any conventional “pigging system” would have allowed. It also meant that when the pipes acquired the inevitable minor dents over the coming years, the system would carry on working.

Faccenda – unreliable pigging and difficulties in locating the pigs once it got lost resulted in unacceptable downtime. Replacing the conventional solid pig with the flexible Marplug with multiple wipers improved the reliability of recovering minced meat and enhanced removal of it from the internal surface of the pipe.

Walter Holland & Sons Ltd – the pipe run connecting the pie filling transfer pump to the depositors had over the years become very badly dented, their conventional pig were no longer able to pass through it when recovering product.

After replacing their conventional pigs with 2½” and 3” Marplugs, product from these pipe runs was again recovered and the down time incurred striping these pipes down at changeover was reduced.

Pet Food Manufacturer – A leading Pet Food Manufacturer initially wanted to recover product from pipe runs that had to be fitted into a confined space.

Unfortunately, conventional pigging equipment, which use long radius bends, could not be installed.

Martec worked with the Pet Food Manufacturer’s technical team to demonstrate the Marplug could pass though Knife Gate Valves and negotiate the 1.5D radius bends.

After the successful installation of the Product Recovery Solution, it was found that the Marplugs lasted significantly longer than conventional rigid pigs.

Because of this, the company has now standardised on Martec’s equipment.

Monkhill Confectionary – As part of the recent rebuild of Monkhill Confectionary, a new chocolate ring main was installed by Briggs of Burton. Martec worked very closely with Briggs to ensure a safe and reliable product recovery solution was supplied to overcome previous negative experience Monkhill had experienced with pigging.

As part of Brigg’s stringent attention to detail and difficulties associate with recover of chocolate from a long pipe run, simulation of the Martec Product Recovery System was undertaken prior to commissioning.

Commissioning took less than one day to complete, and the Martec Product Recovery System performed as predicted!

Daniel Thwaites - receives daily deliveries of syrup in liquid form by road tanker. The 3 syrup storage tanks are located near the top of the building, some 50 metres above ground level. The syrup is pumped up to the storage tanks via 4” dairy pipework. On completion of transfer, some 500 litres of syrup was running back into the tanker under gravity and tankered off-site for treatment. Changes in the supply contract resulted in the syrup supplier no longer being able/willing to remove and dispose of the waste syrup.

Martec developed and supplied a Martec Product Recovery Solution that allows the remaining syrup left in the transfer line to be recovered for use whilst simultaneously eliminating the need for their removal from site and expensive treatment and disposal.

Toiletries, Cosmetic and Healthcare Markets

Martec’s Customers who manufacture a range of toiletry, cosmetic and healthcare products include PZ Cussons, Robert McBride, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), DDD Pharmaceutical, Colgate Palmolive, etc

DDD Pharmaceutical Limited – located in the South of England, DDD originally purchased a conventional pigging system. However, because of the unacceptable amounts of residual product left on the side walls of the pipe by the semi-rigid pig, it was replaced with a Martec Product Recovery System. The ‘windscreen wiper’ action of the Marplug was able to remove product left on the sidewalls of the pipe, necessary for the CIP of the product transfer lines to be approved and signed off.

Since then, Martec has received repeat orders from DDD for the supply of additional Martec Product Recovery Systems.

Colgate Palmolive – Martec has supplied an automatic 4” Product Recovery System with off-line Cleaning of Marplug (pig) for recovery of toothpaste and a manual 2” Product Recovery System for temporary plant arrangement.

PZ Cussons – multiple manual and automatic Martec Product Recovery Systems for UK and non-UK standard ISO2037 pipelines in Indonesia are being used. Martec designed custom modular Marplugs (pigs) for three 3” and five special 2” pipelines.

 Boots Contract Manufacturing – like many of Martec’s existing customers, Boots Contract Manufacturing had found conventional pigging systems unreliable and too much production time was spent finding lost pigs. When relocating the “Soltan” sun cream production facility from Glasgow to Beston in Nottingham, a very careful technical and operating review of the available product recovery and pigging systems was undertaken. This included visits to reference sites.

On completion of this exercise, the Martec Product Recovery System was selected and when the production line was relocated, their existing pigging system was replaced.

Face creams for their ‘own brand’ range of products are now also being recovered by our Product Recovery Solutions.

Food Industry

Pet Food Manufacturer – Martec have successfully supplied and installed systems on a 5”, DIN 150 and 6” lines that transport pet foods.  

Saxon Valley Foods – soups and sources for major Superstore outlets. Five kettle lines are fitted with automatic Product Recovery Systems to recover product between cooking kettles and vacuum coolers.
  Belvoir Fruit Farms – Martec, as an associate consultant to the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS), has successfully completed a feasibility study identifying improvements in equipment and operation practises for Belvior Fruit Farms. Successful implementation of these by Martec has enabled them to improve throughput and reduce losses.
  Premier Foods (Histon) – Hot Jelly ring main providing liquid jelly to the filling stations for the Chivas Jelly brand
Food Industry

Drinks Industry

Chivas Regal – whiskey from a long heavy duty 3” schedule 10 pipe (to prevent access) between VATS and Road Tankers.

Brewery – problem with syrup offload. Syrup offloading is an increasing area of concern for brewers and food manufacturers alike. The suppliers of the syrup are now charging the customer for the disposal of syrup that runs back into the tanker after delivery. A Brewery has purchased a Martec system that not only purges appreciable amounts of syrup into the holding tanks, but significantly reduces its overall return tankering & waste treatment costs.
Drinks Industry


A uni-directional manual system has been deployed to pull a cable through a pipeline. The tailored design employs a ’Hatch Trap’ Launch Station that allows operators to directly insert the Marplug into the line and attach it to a steel wire tether. Once sealed and launched, the Marplug pulls the cable through from the mixing tank, to the receive end where it is removed and the oceanic umbilical cable pulled back through pipe.



Akzo Nobel Darwen Ltd - supplied 2-off 2" Manual Product Recovery Systems, consisting of Launch and Receive Stations togther with fabricated servicable Marplugs used for the recovery of Decorative coatings and Paints.


Health Care

Boots Contract manufacturing – “Soltan” sun cream and face creams for their ‘own brand’ range of products. Multiple 3” lines supplied.

A pharmaceutical company in the South of England has replaced its brand new pigging system with a Martec Product Recovery System because of the unacceptable amounts of residual product left on the side walls of the pipe by the semi-rigid pig. The ‘windscreen wiper’ action of the new Marplug demonstrated its unrivalled cleaning action. QED.
Colgate Palmolive – supply of automatic 4” Product recovery System with off-line Cleaning of Marplug (pig) for recovery of toothpaste and bi-directional 2” manual system for temporary plant arrangement.
PZ Cussons – multi system manual and automatic recovery systems for UK and non-UK standard ISO2037 pipelines in Indonesia. Martec designed custom modular Marplugs (pigs) for three 3” and five special 2” pipelines.

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