Martins Rubber Co. Ltd.


Martins Rubber is a family-run business established in 1865. We specialise in manufacturing and supplying precision elastomeric products including rubber mouldings (both injection and compression), rubber to metal bonding, machined seals, polyurethane mouldings, cut rubber such as gaskets and matting, extruded parts, hand and machined tooling and CNC machined seals. At the cutting edge of technology, we provide products that consistently meet the required high quality standards of our customers including those in the autosport, engineering, medical, defence, leisure and transportation industries. With our own in-house tooling department, we are able to offer a design, prototype, tooling and full production service taking your product from conception to completion, all under one roof.

At the heart of Martin’s Rubber Co is a strong desire to provide solutions to fulfil customers’ needs. Technical expertise gathered over a long trading history, coupled with state of the art technology and our strong customer service ethic, has reinforced Martin’s reputation as a world leader in elastomeric engineering solutions.

Custom Built

Many of the items we produce are custom built, ranging from parts for the Formula 1 teams, through to promotional items for marketing agencies. We have the capabilities for rapid prototyping and manufacturing, as well as tool design/development and machining parts to specification.


Our PP&C Department (Production, Planning and Control), are dedicated to ensuring that what you order is made to specification, on time and that relevant information is fed back to our customers via our sales team. This department is responsible for purchasing quality materials, planning and scheduling jobs efficiently and according to resource, and communicating between our machine operators, supervisors and our office staff.


Martin’s Rubber specialises in providing technical solutions to our customers.

We have the capability and in-house expertise to design and manufacture products to specification. We carry out product and materials testing and trials, working with both designers and engineers to produce a finished product in accordance with the integral requirements of that item to closely defined specifications.


We have the ability and capacity to turn around jobs in a phenomenally short time-scale. Working within the Oil and Gas industry, and supplying innovative parts to motor sport test teams means that we have developed the means to carry a product from design to delivery within a matter of days if necessary. The rapid machining capability of our 5-axis CNC milling machine gives us the capability to produce complex tools in short lead-times, and our CNC machined seals can be produced within hours if required.


Martin’s Rubber Company has been assessed and certified by the British Standards institute as meeting ISO 9001 successfully since 1997, with ongoing bi-annual audits carried out by BSI as a requirement of this approval.


We have a huge wealth of experience and expertise within our tooling department, with over 75 years of experience in producing tools for rubber manufacture. We design and manufacture tools in-house for rubber and polyurethane mouldings with 3D modelling and 5 axis machining capability, as well as conventional milling, turning, grinding and spark eroding.

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