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Our power supplies range consists of AC/AC models. They transform mains voltage to a lower AC voltage and are available in a desktop format. Desktop versions have thermal fuses in their transformer, cord or snap terminals and an optional mounting bracket.

Plug in power supplies have fixed output voltages and are interchangeable with DC plugs. We also have AC/AC adapters with European terminals and are compliant with global safety standards.

Our AC/DC power supplies provide compact and efficient power with models featuring increased flexibility and plug options.

Battery Charges

Our battery charges include lead acid, NiMH and lithium ranges. Battery charges are manufactured for ultimate efficiency and reliability and have additional features such as LED indicators and intelligent charge control.

Battery charges also combine multiple protection features and are produced in accordance with all worldwide standards.

DC/DC Converters

We have an extensive range of DC/DC converters available to provide a variety of input and output voltages and currents.

The majority of DC/DC converters have a compact design, lightweight and provide optimum efficiency. Some feature short circuit proofs and are protected against reversed polarity. They include desktop linear models and desktop switch models.

DC/AC Inverters

Our DC/AC inverters are supplied in a variety of models and are suited to a range of uses. They generate a 230VAC power from a DC source, like a vehicle battery.

Out DC/AC inverters can supply different power ratings for input and output connections. We have available, modified sine wave and pure sine wave models. All our inverters are offered at excellent prices.

Custom Design Chargers

We can custom design chargers to suit your exact needs and applications. Custom design charges range from advanced programmable charges, waterproof charges and charges compliant with medical facilities.

We can also produce products with power faction correction, UL approved and featuring a range of unique accessories.

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