Master Magnets Ltd

Established over 30 years ago, Master Magnets Ltd has provided industrial magnetic and metal detection solutions to companies across the world.   The wide range of separation equipment that Master Magnets Ltd provide can be applied to many industries including recycling, mining, quarrying and food processing.

Industrial Magnets

Industrial magnets can be used in a range of industries for the separation and removal of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Our industrial magnets extract metals for recycling and achieve cleaner and more valuable end product. They can protect valuable processing equipment from damaging metal objects and they are cost-effective additions to many industrial processes.

Magnetic Separators

We provide a selection of magnetic separators  to solve the ever-increasing amount of industrial separation applications.

Magnetic separators can be used to extract metals for recycling and achieve more valuable end product.

Eddy Current Separators

The eddy current separator is a non-ferrous separator that separates domestic and industrial waste into two individual containers.

Eddy current separators separate non-ferrous metals like aluminium and copper from non-metallic materials such as wood and plastics.

Overband Magnets

The overband magnets we supply are effective units for the continuous removal of metal/ferrous material from a product stream.

Overband magnets are used to protect, clean and separate materials on applications in the recycling and quarrying sectors. They are used on mobile crushing machinery and require no manual cleaning so downtime is reduced to a minimum.

Suspension Magnets

We have expanded our range of suspension magnets and now offer two types of suspension magnet. The units are designed for the extraction of tramp iron from a product stream being conveyed by a conveyor belt or vibratory feeder.

Suspension magnets are suspended above a conveyor with sling chains setting the magnet face at the correct angle for optimum extraction.

Drum Magnets

Drum magnets are used where there is a high feed of material to be separated and where the process of separation is likely to prove too abrasive for an overband separator.

Drum magnets are available up to 1.8m diameter and with widths to provide a larger operating surface. Drum magnets can either have an internal permanent or electromagnet system.

Magnetic Pulleys

Magnetic pulleys are easy, reliable solutions for continuous extraction of ferrous metals from a product stream. Magnetic pulley separators are installed as a replacement head pulley at the discharge end of a conveyor.

The 360 degree magnet pulley system guarantees the materials are discharged behind the centre line of the pulley.

Magnetic Tubes and Grids

We supply an extensive range of magnetic tubes and grids. They remove fine and general tramp iron and protect products from metal contamination.

Magnetic tubes and grids are produced from ceramic or rare earth magnetic tubes and can be installed into hoppers, chutes and ducts. They are ideal for the ceramic and food processing industry sector.

Plate Magnets

Plate Magnets are effective forms of magnetic protection against tramp iron contamination. They are constructed in a magnetic steel casing and the magnet itself is made from strontium ferrite.

They are installed within a chute or over a conveyor and are perfect for the food and ceramic industries. We also provide plate magnets made from neodymium iron boron or similar rare earth materials for specialised applications.

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